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The Dallas Mavericks
2005-2006 ended as far and away the best regular/post- season in franchise history, until 2006-2007. The Mavs recorded a franchise best 67-15 regular season record and entered the playoffs as the #1 team in the conference. Then came a 4-1 playoff loss to the Golden State Warriors, coached by none other than form Mavs Coach Don Nelson. So as bad as the 06 playoff collapse was in the Finals, 07 was worse by losing to the last team in the playoffs in the first round... At the '08 trading deadline Dallas acquired Jason Kidd, Antoine Wright, and Malik Allen for Gana Diop, Devin Harris, 2 #1 picks and Mo Ager. The result was similar as Dallas once again fell in the first round to New Orleans in the 2008 playoffs.
2007-2008 Dallas Mavericks
Dirk Nowitzki; Josh Howard; Jerry Stackhouse; Jason Terry; Erick Dampier; Devean George; Jose (JJ) Barea; Brandon Bass; Eddie Jones; Juwan Howard; Jason Kidd; Antoine Wright;
Malik Allen; Jamal Magloire.

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The Death Woofer
Once Upon a Time it was an item for sale on E-bay. Unfortunately the English fellow who built it, got married, so the Woofer had to go. It is a functioning 12" sub-woofer, embedded in a c.40" circumference case. I would have bought it myself, but it went for a princely sum, and that isn't even considering the overseas delivery fees from UPS!
At least my wife entertained the idea...
TRUE Leaders do not need clones!
Arlington Stadium c. 1973
Great Smoky Mountains
Among my great childhood memories when I was my son's age were games at old Arlington Stadium as shown left. One of my regrets is that the old Texas Scoreboard did not make it past the '80s renovation, nor into the Temple. Before the Reunion Rowdies there were the Bleacher Bums. The Rangers were usually gracious hosts, even to opponents!