Sincerely, Me...ros.r 
                                           Has been dangling in the web since May '99 
                                           Ever since then, I stayed at this corner 
                                           Thinking about the passages and roadways  
                                           Of my life      
                                           And I wondered about those people    
                                           Who came before me,    
                                           Those people that I have known    
                                           And how time erode the memory   
                                           'Til the faces are tattered and worn.     

                                           And I thought about the future 
                                           And the roads I have yet to walk   
                                           In a distant yet to happend     
                                           In a day that's still to come    
                                           And I know, of all the people    
                                           Whom I have met along the way,     
                                           That you are the one     
                                           I hope will be      
                                           The one who will travel      
                                           With me.....  


      October 2000 

      November 2000    
Leave Me Breathless ....
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Last updated November 2000
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