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                                       Star light, star bright..First star I see tonight...
Wish I may, Wish I might....Have a wish I wish tonight....

There is a superstition which says that a wish made at the appearance of the first star will come true, provided you do not speak until another star is seen. I am not that kind whom rely on stars to pray on. I was only mentioning to my friend how I wished somethings I have been looking forward to will spark off soon. That same night, one of my wishes came true. FINALLY........the days of the talked about CHIJ Ponggol's first full-time librarian, Miss Lina, is being numbered. Beginning of next year, I am making a head start in my career. I was warned by experienced teachers that the path is going to be rocky. But me being myself, the determine, headstrong and hopeful lady is willing to go through it. I believe that for every problem, there is always a solution. And for every sunrise, there is always hope to make things better no matter how bleek the day appears to be. Its not hopless wishes. It is a fact which I have experienced. All it takes are just a combination of patience, faith and not forgetting some prayers.  

I always try to handle hard things in life by perseverance. Had thought that perseverance is the key to achieving personal goals. Until...........I came across one of Alfian's Saat poem recitations. He mentioned that "perseverance does not guarantee results". That shed some light to certain encounters which left me confused and drained out emotionally. You might not share my view, but this is what I managed to rationalise things to be:- When you are working alone to achieve your personal ambition, it is easier for you to focus and get what you want through perseverance. However, when you are working with someone with a common dream, BUT of different belief, Alfian's sentence appears to verify itself. Unity makes things work. Without it, all parties involve will turn out in a lose-lose situation. At the least now I know..when am I to persist and when am I to just let things go with no turning back. 

As we walked the different phrases in our lives, there will be new people we meet, more  lessons to be learnt as well as more roles and responsibilites to shoulder. I may not know much about politics or anything, but I know for sure what I want, my weaknesses and  what I am looking for. I see that for everything which happened, there is an underlying explainations beneath the reasons. I feel that time is indeed our age which swift infront of us unnoticably. I realised that both the good and bad are laid down infront of me. I made the choice and is responsible for my very own action. I learnt that you will never know someone really cares for you until you get to see the way he handles things in hard times or in times of conflict both of you have to face. I experienced that honesty is rarely appreciated despite the fact that everyone seems to place an emphasis on it. I found HIM to be the best confider I have ever had. Oh, and I also know something else too. I know how to bake marble cake which is soft and too tempting for your taste bud to resist..*yumm yumm* ;-) 


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