27/01/2003 8:02 PM posted by .:Gio:.

Added 2 new sections! Members and animation

27/01/2003 8:02 PM posted by Isaac

NEW LAYOUT KICKS ASSSSSSS!!!!!!! and i am high on pepsi twist so in your face, i mean the new layout kicks and if you dont like then u really, really suk, cause it is way better than the last so screw you chicken head chicken monkey face dog pie head man face pie doggy dog, shuting up.................and bagman i hope u move now, go with your sister already

27/01/2003 4:09 PM posted by Gio

This is the new layout for Mawii Inc! I hope you like it! we are gonna be remaking thw whole site so yeah...i hope for this to be pretty good


All characters in Mawii Inc are (of course) mawii style which was founded by Gio and Isaac (Mostly Isaac) if you want to use that style plz e-mail Isaac or Gio (Gio's e-mail is Gio_likes_gamecube@hotmail.com Isaacs, Sharptooth_studios@hotmail.com) or just put a link to Mawii Inc.

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