1.)When Max couldn't get the car to start he kicked it and it started up
2.) Max didn't get affected because for breakfast he ate a raw peach.
3.) Electritian.
4.) 99 was posing as a dancer. Max technically was to but he got in by calling himself an electritian.
5.) Listen:
[Max enters the room]
99: [from behind the drum] 99 calling CONROL over
Max: [Hearing 99] [bends down on the other side of the drum] hello 99, this is 86 cam you hear me over
99: Oh i read you loud and clear 86, I think they're on to me over
Max: Don't worry 99, I'll find you, where are you over
99: I'm in the pinerovian embassy where are you over?
Max: Yes I know you're in the pinerovian embassy, I'm in the pinerovian embassy too but just where in the pinerovian embassy are you? Over
99: Oh. I'm in a small room on the first floor with musical instruments over
Max: [stands up and looks around] is there a bass fiddle in the room? Over
99: [stands up and looks around] yes there is, over.
Max: [looks to his left] is there a bass drum in the room? Over.
99: [stands up looks down] yes there is over.
Max: Now listen carefully and do exactly what I tell you, get up very slowly and look over the drum, do you see a dark haired man in a white suit?
99: Yes.
Max: Don't be scared 99, I think it's me!
6.) Max says to 99 when she returns, "I found out something very important." "What?" "A human being can't live in a bass drum."
7.) Max left his credentials in his moustache kit, he looks cute with the moustache don't you think?
8.) The imobillo Naharana was going to stab the ambasador with wa in the ball point pen.
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