Entry Number One
Dear Diary
I, just today, met the man of my dreams! His name is Maxwell Smart. He's one of CONTROL's top agents and the Chief decided that the two of us will be a team. Me! 86 and 99, [dreamy sigh] the numbers go so well together. Of course he is the senior agent because of his lower number, and such a leader too. I almost kissed him today, agent K-13 stopped us, I would've ignored him except we really did have to finish the assignment or both Max and I would get it. I didn't mind so much about myself, I was more concerned about him. After the case was over and we did away with Mr. Big we got to spend some time in the big apple and I had a really wonderful time. I got to go see a Broadway musical, just like I always wanted to see. Max was really sweet about it, I know he didn't enjoy himself, I'd always look over and see him fidgeting in his seat. When I asked him what he thought of the performance he told me that he loved it. I'm really looking forward to spending more time with him, and I hope we become really good friends.