Entry Number Two
Dear Diary,
It was a tough assignment but I knew as long as Max was there that it'd be ok. I had a cover as a sales girl in the department store just down the street from my house. The manager Mr. Bunny was really nice and I really didn't see it coming that he was going to be a KAOS agent. I was at the perfume counter and Max had just left, when the pushy old sales lady ambushed me with her sidekick. They locked me up in the storeroom all bound and gagged, but they had to keep up with the rest of the day so they left me alone. I don't remember exactly how I got out of my binds, but I most certainly did. I rushed out and hid not too far away from the storeroom I had a perfect view of it. When the old lady came to check on me and rushed back to her superiors I knew I had to high tail my hind out there pretty darn fast. I ran and hid in the music department. Just a little while later after discovering that they were smuggling information out of the country by substituting a baby doll's voice cartridge with their own, I heard footsteps. I thought I was a goner for sure but I saw who it was, 86. I motioned to him and he hid with me, I explained about the baby doll and he sent it back with K-13. Mr. Bunny confronted us and we were finally able to stop them. At the end he said he'd take one of us with him, I insisted that it be me and not Max but he pushed me out of the way and Bunny shot the gun. What he didn't realize was that it was a toy gun. It was so cute as Max stood there with a little rubber dart stuck to his forehead. It just makes me like him more, and I think I'm falling in love.