MAX Guang-Qun CHEN

Welcome to the Apocalypse!

The end of the world is here. Don't you want to spend a few moments with me before Death cuts open your bowels with his rusty scythe? Yeah, you know you do...

War will show you Famine will feed you Pestilence will lead you to Death will take you to the remains of

If you would like to reserve tickets to heaven (only $19.99 ), please send e-mail to and we might look at your pathetic plea for mercy you sinning bastard. (this webpage was made in 1997 when I had hoped that 2000 would bring great parties, looting, and rampant raping of young women. Now that the date has passed, it all seems so pointless. However I do update the portfolio and diary sections from time to time. Sept 26, 2002 for instance when Yahoo threatened to delete everything if I didn't update something.)