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My name is Wanda, I was born on the 16th of december in The Netherlands and I'm now 15 years old. I have green eyes and blond hair. My hobbies are collecting autographs, skateboarding, internet and watching some of my fave series such as Dark Angel, Buffy, Charmed, Time Of Your Life (when it still came on) and Strong Medicine. That's all you get to know for now. xoxo



I got this desktop from a great Buffy site which I dont know the url of anymore. It says: Your mom's trying to Bogart the cheesy chips. What's that all about? I used it because it reminds me of the old buffy days.

You can link my site with this button, there will be more soon. Use this url: If you want to be an affiliate, just say so in my guestbook and I'll put your button here as soon as possible. Oh and please upload my button to your own server. thanks.

14-03 Added 4 magazine scans.

28-02 I added 9 autographed pictures and 11 magazine scans. Also added my favourite fanfiction and I have joined some new fanlistings.

27-02 Alrighty, the site is going public! Sorry for taking ages to update but I just didn't find the time and the will to work on it. Next time when this happens, kick me ok! Anywayz, I hope you like the new layout and ofcourse the new name. Not all pages are changed but I'm still working on it. bye xxx