Maximus Decimus Meridius
Maximus, commander of the Northern Armies, general of the Felix legions. He was asked by the Emperor to be the "Protector of Rome" after he died, wanting the government to be returned to the people and not given over to Commodus. Ordered to be executed when Commodus found out, Maximus escaped and headed towards home, knowing that his wife and son were in grave danger. He was too late, however. Injured and exhausted, Maximus was picked up by slave traders and taken to the Roman province of Zucchabar where he was sold as a gladiator to Proximo. When the Emperor, Commodus, began a succession of gladitorial games that would last 150 days, Proximo and his troop of gladiators went to Rome to fight in the Colosseum. After winning their first battle, Commodus decided to meet the brave gladiator that fought so valiantly. To his surprise and anger, he discovered it was none other then Maximus. Maximus' fame as the invincible gladiator grew, and soon he had all of Rome's favor, except Commodus'. Determined to get rid of him for once and for all, Commodus arranged for himself and Maximus to fight in the Colosseum, but not without seriously injuring him beforehand. As they fought, Maximus killed Commodus with his own treacherous dagger. Injured and weakened, Maximus first ordered the release of his fellow gladiators then, falling to the ground, joined his family in Elysium.

Lucius Aurelius Commodus
Commodus, son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Commodus murdered his father after dicovering that he intended to give control of Rome back to the senate, rather to him. He took the throne for himself and sent his father's trusted and beloved general, Maximus, to be killed. When Commodus returned to Rome from Germania he proclaimed that 150 days of gladitoral games were to be held, he being exceptional fascinated by the bloody spectacles. When he discovered that Maximus had escaped his execution and was now a gladiator in the games, Commodus tried everything to get rid of him. His attemps were futile, however,and with each passing game, Maximus grew more and more popular with the crowds. Growing insane with jealousy and hatred, Commodus eventually decided to fight Maximus himself in the arena. In the end, Commodus was killed with is own dagger, dying alone and unloved.

Annia Lucilla
Lucilla, daughter of Marcus Aurelius. Lucilla and Maximus have a history, neither of which have forgotten about it. Lucilla was in Germania when her father was killed and her brother, Commodus, made himself Emperor. She was the contact beween Maximus and senator Gracchus; she wanted Commodus off the throne both for fear for herself and her son, Lucius', safety, and for the future of the Roman Empire.

Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome. Aged and dying, Marcus was at the frontlines of the conflict between Rome and Germania when he requested that his son, daughter, and senators Falco and Gaius be brought to him. Marcus thought of himself more as a scholar and philosopher, not as a warrior. His legacy, he hoped, would be the return of the government to the Roman people. To achieve this, the Emperor wanted his trusted general, Maximus, to become the "Protecter of Rome" after he died. However, when Marcus informed his son, Commodus, that he would not be the next Emperor, Commodus murdered him.

Proximo, ex-gladiator and gladitorial trainer and owner. Proximo, forced to the remote Roman province of Zucchabar because gladitorial games were terminated in Rome, was the man who bought Maximus from a slave trader. When Commodus reopened the games in Rome, Proximo believed that he had a real chance with Maximus. "Win the crowd, and you'll win your freedom" he told Maximus. When Maximus was to sneak out to his troops Proximo helped him escape. However, Proximo was killed during the attempt.

Senator Gracchus
Senator Gracchus is one of the leaders for returning Rome to a republic. Gracchus helped with Maximus' attempted escape, but in doing so, put his own life in danger. Commodus discovered his involvement and had him imprisioned. Fortunately, he was released with the other gladiators after Maximus defeated Commodus.
Juba, like Maximus, was sold to Proximo to be trained as a gladiator. Once a hunter, Juba is an excellent fighter and he and Maximus became good friends. He, too, misses his family; his wife and daughters. Juba was freed with the rest of Proximo's gladiators when Maximus order it after Commodus' defeat.

Other Characters

Senator Falco
Senator Gaius
Quintus (Maximus' second in command)
Hagen (gladiator)
Lucius (Lucilla's son)
Cicero (Maximus' servant)