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Welcome to the all new MANGA ANIME XTREME (M.A.X) website. Better, bigger and badder than ever. To those who visited my website before, I would like to welcome you and hope that you enjoy your stay here. For those who are first time here, I would like to explain why do I have this site up and running.

My website is a venue for all those Malaysian fans out there to get the latest news and update on the anime/manga scene.
This site is also to enable the fans to complete their anime or manga collection through trading or exchange with other fan, namely me.

I would like to remind you to support the original author/creator of the anime or manga by buying the original. If you really can't find your favorite anime then maybe I can provide you with a copy...for a fee of course.

Latest Anime review

Have you ever heard of Initial D? No? Well it is about a kid named Takumi, who kindda good in racing. He beat all of the local kid and now he is ready to kick other's arses on their own turf.

Anyway the series ended at Stage 3. (Each stage is one season). Now Stage 4 is here, with the same kid plus a whole new area for him to race in.

This anime use both combination of 2d and 3d model, just like the original anime. Storyline and action is also good. Did I mention it also got a cool soundtrack? If you like the original Initial D and illegal car racing, you will love this one. Me? Hell yeah I love it.

Rating : 8.5/10



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  4 July
4 of July is here... hope you have a prosperous and oily encounter in Iraq. Hah! Ok enough bullshit. I've updated my anime list...again and my anime guide too. sorry no time to build my manga page. That's it I guess.
1 July 2004
Same ol' new stuff and updated some new info. I've also updated the anime list in my collection.
    30 June 2004
Uploaded my new website. How you like my Naruto Theme? Cool huh? Alot of the page is still under construction so bear with it for a while.
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