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Sacrofano's Soccer Team and Bird's Eye View

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The Verduchi Family

I live and work at Sacrofano, a small town 15 miles away from Rome downtown. My hometown is Ronciglione, which is about 30 miles from Rome and 15 miles from Sacrofano. Ronciglione is the town where VERDUCHIS put down their roots since 1600. I have books and documents to demonstrate that. Verduchi is a very rare surname, consequently every person bearing it should be in some way related to me or my ancestors. However, I don't know from where the Verduchi ancestors came from before that time. So, I am engaged to discover it and am fond of genealogical research.

The Verduchi family make our home at Sacrofano, where we have lived since 1974. Not far from Sacrofano is the town of Ronciglione that is closest to my heart being the town where I was born in 1943.

Sacrofano is not very big it has only 5,500 inhabitants, it's very close to Rome (only 15 miles from down town). It has a medieval center and a lot of country -houses where many Romans, who could not stand anymore the crowded and polluted " caput mundi", live. I live in one of this country-houses and work at Sacrofano Townhall. Most of the people living at Sacrofano work in Rome and drive the distance.

My wife, Rossana is a teacher. We have a son Marco who is 26. He is a student of engineering in Rome University "La Sapienza". He loves sports above all soccer. Until the age of 18 he was a good junior player. Now he is "un gran tifoso" of Lazio . We look forward to the day when Italian Championship will begin(September 13). We have a daughter Mara, who is 27. She is holder of a languages diploma and is now studying Psychology in Rome University.

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