Some background information on Rottumerplaat


Some frequently asked questions:

Is Rottumerplaat real?

Yes, actually, it is. Rottumerplaat is a small island north of the Netherlands, in the 'Waddenzee'. It is some 750 hectares in size. It is not inhabited, but it's a sanctuary for seabirds and other wildlife. See this link for information in English.

Is the Autonomous Autarkic Socialist Republic of Rottumerplaat real?

The Crest of RottumerplaatYes, quite as real as the 419ers' millions... However, it has a crest, carefully concocted out of the crests of North Korea and Finland, complete with a motto: Mundus Vult Decipi. Latin: 'The World wants to be Deceived'. Creating your own country gives endless possibilities re. not being able to telephone or not being able to send money by WU.

How about Saaftinge, the capital of Rottumerplaat?

Saaftinge (Saeftinge, Saeftinghe) was a town in the southwest of the Netherlands during the middle ages. It was swept off the face of the earth during the 'All saints' flood' in 1570. The place where it once lay is now 'Het verdronken land van Saaftinge', 'The drowned land of Saaftinge', a tidal marshland. In the past, occasionally remains of the village have been found in the mud. All other geographical names used refer to small uninhabited islands (such as Griend) or to non-existant places. The name of the bank is 'The drowned bank of Saaftinge'.

The same goes for the name of streets. The bank and the lawyer are on the same street: 'Geldweg' . This not anly means Money Road but also 'Money Gone'.

Who are Max Wieldruk and his friends?

The Max Wieldruk team is based in the Netherlands and that's all we're going to say...

Max uses several pictures on his passports, the favourite (the one on the index page) being 'The Laughing Cavalier', by Dutch master Frans Hals, painted in 1624. The lads readily fall for this one...

Actually all the personal names used are extremely lousy Dutch puns, which read as names, but have a second meaning:

  • Max Wieldruk: Max. wheel load
  • Cas te Kort (the banker) (from 'kastekort'): cash deficit
  • Zwendel en Blunders (the lawyers): Swindle and Blunders
  • Lies Breuk (Max's wife) : inguinal rupture
  • Toon Ladder (the president): (tone-) scale