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Dr. Max Wieldruk

A busy man from the city of Saaftinge in de autarkic socialist republic of Rottumerplaat. A man of many jobs and of many faces. But whatever his job is today or what face he puts on: he doesn't like being taken for a ride by so-called 419 scammers.

He writes back to the scammers. Or his lawyer, Z. Wendel does. Or his banker, Mr. Cas te Kort...

You will find their adventures on this site. 'The good guys' are in blue, the 'bad guys' in red.

Scammers? Come on, if you have an email account you must have received them. These letters from African countries promising a big chunk of the loot if you are willing to help to move abroad the millions from deposed presidents, overinvoiced contracts, murdered popular cocoa merchants? Yes, thse people are trying to scam you. If any money is going to change hands, it's yours, and you're not going to see it ever again... So stay safe out there and don't reply to this scams.

Or, on the other hand, do! Join the ever-increasing army of scambaiters all around the world. Please read this first.

Max Wieldruk does his very best to waste the scammer's time (and his own) and have a lot of fun during the process.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about the 'Advance Fee Fraud' or '419 Fraud'. Please follow the links. The London Police has good information on this type of fraud.

The adventures of Dr. Max Wieldruk

Mrs Idris: the lawyer still doesn't know what an ASIB-procedure is...27 November - 16 December 2003
José Randy: Max is offered over 16 million dollars.
27 December 2003- 30 January 2004. A story which ends in the most astounding way you can think of...
Bello Williams: Bishop Max gets arrested at the airport... 24 January- 4 February 2004
Wallace Bleh invests in the clog industry
6 February -28 February 2004. But what are clogs, anyway?
Mr.Chinyerere Joseph Umawu
Why doesn't Dr. Max show up at the airport? 22 February 2004-.
Princess Fred
he Rottumerplaat banking system was not designed for speedy handling of payments... 21 February 2004- 18 April 2004.
Amina Abid
A muslim widow becomes a member of St. Fladderack's church. 20 July- 16 August 2004
'Pastor Wellington' gets an unexpected message, or, the ASEM-trick... 12 July - 4 August 2004
Mrs Abacha and her lawyer take the hurdles of Rottumerplaat banking. 30 August - 27 September 2004

Shorter adventures

Photo for Shiver
An anonymous lad shows his heartfelt sympathy for Shiver Metimbers.

Joan Solu
is not quite sure about things

Max wins the 1st category prize, but where is the address of this lottery company in the first place?


A warning from the London Police



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