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Maya is a voice-over artist since 1995 for the Radio Repertory Company of America (RRCA) where she lends her voice talent to numerous characters in the company's radio and audio productions.

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Look for the following programs in which Maya Daniels performed:

Series Name Number of shows in the Series
The Adventures of The Brooke Sisters 4
The Adventures of Garson Krebs Private Eye 10
The Stealer of Souls 4
The Anne Manx Series 3
The Flight of the Bumble Bee 1

How did Maya Daniels get involved with voice-overs?

Maya was renting space in a small art studio in 1994, and she heard an advertisement on the radio. The RRCA was soliciting corporations to do in-house training tapes. The repertory company produced the ad as if it were a radio show with various voices and dialects. When Maya heard the advertisement, she said, "Wow, I think I would be good at that." She wrote down the number and later called them. Maya called six times over several weeks before the repertory company returned her call. As she would discover, RRCA was not looking for voice-over talent, but rather for corporations to hire them! But, because she was so certain that she could do the work, and because of her persistence, Larry Weiner, the Creative Director, asked Maya to send a demo tape to him. Maya did just that by creating 10 different voice dialects, 2-3 lines each, which she recorded at a friend's studio. Maya mailed the tape and did not hear back from RRCA for approximately one year.

The company called Maya a year later and said, "We need a comical voice for a Chevy commercial. Would you be interested in doing it." Maya had told them that her forte was comedy. Maya agreed to do the job. She went to the company's studio in Bergen County, New Jersey, to record her first radio commercial. The gentleman who filled the other role in the ad was Bob Arsena, the announcer for the New Jersey Devils hockey team, and company co-founder. Arsena asked how long Maya had been doing that kind of work. To which she replied, "How long have I been here?" He and Larry Weiner told Maya that they had created the concept of a series for National Public Radio (NPR) called Garson Krebs Private Eye. They asked Maya if she would like to be a voice-over talent in the series. She said sure, and a decade-long collaboration with RRCA began, which to date has resulted in 12 hilarious half-hour episodes on NPR as well as several 1-1/2 hour feature audio tapes, available through Barnes & Nobel book stores and on Amazon.com.

Other Credits:

A series of commercials for Circle Chevrolet in New Jersey in 1994
A promotional commercial to re-introduce consumers to the garment district in New York City in 1995
The Archbishop's Annual Appeal by Ferro Productions in 2004/2005
Bessie the Cow: Agricultural Commercial by David Productions in 2005
A commercial for BHEF on "Hello, Berkeley Heights"
A commercial for Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad on "HBH"

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