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Welcome to Life & Poetry.

Thank you so much for visiting this site. Please feel free to take a look. My name is Maya, the author of this web page. I built this site for the creation of my poems, articles, beliefs and other inspirational stuff that could somehow help other women like me become the best that they can be towards life, career, relationships, family, our children and most of all, a life being a servant of God...

You may post your comments, add on your suggestions, poetry, or even your own personal and inspirational testimonies in the
Visitor's Corner, about your family and your life in general. Especially your encounters with God, your answered prayers and how you faced trials together with Jesus!

May you join me in this journey to spread the Word of God! Help me to inspire more people, more mothers and more men and women seeking for love and to let them all know that without God, life is a mess...

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Thank you so much! God is good all the time!!!


Life & Poetry
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God's plans are as beautiful and as rich as the color of a very red rose...
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