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September 24, 2003
Believe it or not (I'm walking on air)...

No, seriously, I've updated!  "Postcards" has it's own little button, and I've put up the book pages.  Reviews of some of my fav Buffy books and a nice pic of Seth lounging courtesy of my manip skills.

Next step, Music pages and top 10 lists (which are in progress but require much wit, and sometimes I'm just witless).

And then a site overhaul!  I know, I know, but my psuedo menu thing is a little wonky and I must fix it.  I know I could actually take the time and learn proper frames, but this is way more challenging.  Like a puzzle!  So til then, deal with the wonky buttons!
Have fun!
July 10, 2003

Ok, I'm going with something new here, sort of a psuedo-frames type thing.  Not real frames, no but a consistent menu bar.  It's a work in progress.  Woo hoo!

Just click the "paws" to navigate the site.  Nifty, eh?

Also currently working on postcards which will be added to the fun page, so you can spam away to all your favorite Buffy fans and fiends.  They should be up pretty soon.

More to come!

Enjoy the site

June 10, 2003
Well, it's finally here!  As promised!  the Buffy/Star Wars Connection feature.  Be sure to go to "Fun & Games" to check it out.  It's very cool with pics, quotes and tidbits.

I got to meet a lot of the writers that are quoted in the article when I went to LA in February and they were all extremely nice.  I mentioned the Buffy/Star Wars connection to Doug Petrie, and he feigned ignorance.  Perhaps he was worried about being classified as a geek?  But he was extremely nice.

As a side note, Seth Green is a huge Star Wars collector and he's been know to make the midnight trek to the the toy store for figures.

I also got to physically see Seth on David Letterman.  I was in the studio.

He was amusing as always!

Check gallery for updates too!
April 11, 2003

Well tomorrow is my brothers' (yes you read right, BROTHERS) birthdays.  No, they are not twins.  10 year apart actually.  Crazy stuff.

Ok, I really am working on the Star Wars/Buffy thing.  Just taking longer than I thought and have been doing some QM updates and writing in the meantime.

But I do have a new feature added in the gallery.  I have GIFS!  Just a few Oz ones now, but there will be more.

Tomorrow meet up with a bunch of Buffy friends to see Common Rotation in the city.  Haven't seen some of these guys since L.A. Posting Board party.

Should be fun!
March 6, 2003

Been a while since an update, I know, but I have been working on some things.

Primarily, I've had to make my "Mazzy Said" page bigger to accomodate my ranty archive.  Don't ask why it's taken so long.

If you didn't notice, I updated the fun page to include some fun Seth and Buffy facts.

Next big project will be to do the Star Wars/Buffy connection.

Also will likely update some gallery pics, so be sure to check it out.
January 24, 2004
A new year; a new look.  Yep I'm changing things up a bit and trying too add some new content.  Slowly but surely you will see all these improvements.

First up, new look, then adding new content including links, fun stuff and more.

For now, just sit back and enjoy
(and bear with me throught this update  process)
It's all good!
February 8, 2004
Hey!  It's Seth's 30th  Birthday and I've made a greeting for him!
Check it out

Note: image is no longer there.  You snooze; you lose!)
February 16, 2004
(rev. 2/27)
On Friday, February 13, the fans of Angel: The Series, learned the shocking news that the show was unexpectedly cancelled.

Personally, I've been quite devestated about it all week and hope that we can all come together to make a difference and save the show, but for now, I would just like to let you all know about an online campaign that has come up with some great ideas to help an save the show.  Please donate some money if you can.  Also, time, in writing out postcards.  Click on the banner below to check it out:
July 20, 2004
Yes, it's been a while, but I've not been very far at all.  Just a wee bit busy with life stuff.

I've added some pictures to the Gallery, in both the wallpaper section and the last 2 pages (9 & 10) of the gallery.

I also "tweaked" the site a bit and fixed some broken links.

I'm working with Netscape navigator browser now, and it makes things look a little different.  Slightly annoying, but hope the site looks like it should.
The love of Oz continues!
August 16, 2004

She finally broke down and got herself a Live Journal...
All "Mazzy Says" updates will be in here:
             Mazzy's Live Journal
P.S. Don't forget to come back here!
Oh and if you have a problem, there should be a link on the LJ for "The Wolf Inside"
(Note: Sorry dudes.  I eliminated the LJ link.  Didn't work out like I wanted)
March 10, 2005

Ok, so this isn't as much of an update, but I'm still ranting and not gonna do it through Live Journal anymore because I realized I was going way off topic from all things Oz/Seth on the LJ.
I tried.
Updates to the site? 
I've been bad, really bad.  There's so much Seth news out there.
He's doing so much, but be sure to tune into Robot Chicken on Sundays 11:30 pm EST on Cartoon Network.  It's a lot like the Sweet J presents episodes that used to be on the Sony site.  Very fun!