January 18, 2003

Lots of changes and the hits just keep on coming!

Yes, added fun and games button and some neat puzzles and I'm working on a special feature called "The Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Star Wars Connection" which is inspired by the latest issue of the Star Wars Insider, but there are also 2 things I've always had a strong passion for, and the idea's been swimming in my head for a while.
Plus, Seth Green is a big Star Wars fan too, so it all works together.

Check back soon for update!
January 4, 2003

Ooh! a New Year!  A new look and heck even new content coming soon!
Yes, I'm excited about this little venture and I'm actually starting to get a little creative.
Just added a gallery of original artwork and a guest book!!!
Hope you enjoy!
December 28th 2002

The good news...I got Adobe Photoshop Elements for Christmas!!

The bad news...I'm not sure yet I guess.  I just imagine I will have a lot of really late nights while figuring it all out and making lovely pics for the site.  It's overwhelming a little, but in a good way.

Talk about eye strain.  I was up late the other night figuring things out, my eyes all bloodshot in the morning.
Christmas Day was snowy and stormy, but very pretty.  Overall, a nice holiday!
December 9th 2002

Yeah I know I said I was gonna have updates, and I will.  Really!  I know you all care so much!  LOL, but one day this site will be the site to end all sites.  Such a tribute to Seth Green that he will be compelled to come and see it himself.  Yes, that is the dream.

I came to fix up an error 'cause some poster at the barge named RACK insisted that I had mispelled the word "Inducted" on my Doz page.  He claimed I had typed "induced" as if we were forcing people to join the Doz squad.  How could he?  Why would he?  Shame, shame for shame on thee!

He must really be bored to feel like he wants to mess with the Doz.  Tee hee.

On a sadder note, I am broken up about the death of Glenn Quinn (Doyle) which I've heard was of a possible drug overdose.
A bright shining light has been extinguished, but he will not be forgotten.
RIP Glenn Quinn
November 6, 2002

We finally got Tooth and Nail up at the QM site.  It's gonna be good. We're almost done with it.  Next up we have a very exciting story planned that takes place in both Sunnydale and LA during the current seasons. 

Saw a play Dance of the Vampires tonight.  It was absolutely horrible!   Made me glad there was a great new season Buffy Tuesday episode on.  But Joss is EVIL!  Thoughts on all this are posted at the barge.  Have many updates to do to the wolf inside!  So be on the lookout.
Sometime in fall of 2002

It's 4:00 am, but I am now obsessed with this site, the Quill Mistresses site, (which may have led you here) and just creating a web site in general.  I still have tons to learn, so don't be too critical of my design attempts or primitve look.  Hey, working hard.  I'm even a little ill!
October 29, 2002

Renaming the site and changing the look.  Now it is "The Wolf Inside".  Still a bit primitive, but trying to get slightly more sophisticated.  Go me!

Met Adam Busch (Warren) and Danny Strong (Jonathon) at 14 Below in Santa Monica last Saturday night.  Both were extremely cool people and we took pictures with them.  Adam's band, Common Rotation was gigging and put on a great show.  14 Below is a club that looks close to my imagination of the Bronze.  Pool tables, bands, bar, food and friends.  Who could ask for anything more?