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Maze Yam
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 Anniversary is the ideal organizer for your computer !

  version 3.0: october 2007

Anniversary is a personal organizer with your own notes, an auto reminder for birthdays, appointments, notes, proverbs, messages and much more.

English and Portuguese in only one application.

Those that we love Anniversary never forget !

By using it you will never again forget the birthdays of the people you hold dear, nor your important appointments.    

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Download more birthday songs in the link below:

 Maze Yam is a fascinating software dice game !

  version 3.0: october 2007

This game is similar to dice poker. The more you play, more you want to play!

The tutorial included in the program easily teaches you step by step how to play this great game.

English and Portuguese in only one application.

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 Happy Coloring children can now learn easily ! 
  version 2.0: october 2007
Let's Learn Letters and Numbers by Coloring !  
This program teaches and motivates the children to easily learn letters and numbers through images and sounds. It contains more than 100 drawings to color, more than 400 icons, more than 340 sounds in English and Portuguese and even more.

 Its intuitive interface, allows the children to easily use it.
English and Portuguese in only one application. 

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