Hi ! We are LaxmiManoo, virtually on geocities.yahoo, physically on earth surface identified in the nation possessing highest tip on the earth surface, oldest human history, highest economic parity and vedanta which is ved+anta i.e. end of knowledge....

Welcome To Club of LaxmiManoo - Desire, Decide, Devote, Derive to be among fellow human being at loving, caring hearts home

Energy of thunder is absorbed, reinforced and spread by the wind. Similarly the energy of thoughts is absorbed, reinforced and spread by the brain. The World's intensively informed embryonic social evolution in digitized global village of recent times is seen thriving on the principles of comparative advantages and natural resource management. Global Navigational Satellite systems have mapped most of the natural resources of the earth. Technologists today are looking at the water in motion for livable environment. Sharing prosperty, concern for environment & synergy of life style with Nature are seen to be the aspirations of knowledge driven society.

Those desirous of sharing feelings, thoughts, time ,efforts & investing for realisation by incidentaly coincided desires are welcome for development of loving , caring hearts home. It is a continuous process of incidental coincidence of desires for synergy of life style with Nature

Thoughtful Hits are Welcome to join the Club for implementation of loving caring hearts home

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At Work/ Home Express To Relax proposal for loving caring hearts home freinds for virtual academy to contribute in loving caring hearts home watch later under development
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having invested thoughts, time and efforts to browse this bumpy site, please send your suggestions / consent for investment & mode of participation to laxmimanoo@gmail.com

This page will be updated continuously at yearly interval (Last Updated on 09th May, 2007).. We do hope you enjoyed browsing this site and will continue to visit until joining the virtual corporation .

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