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Photo taken on February 16, 2000 on the East side of Oahu, overlooking Kailua     Marghe and Marty taken on the East side of Oahu overlooking Kailua. February 16, 2000.

Marghe and Marty Welcome
Our Family and Friends

   We wish you all well! We are currently in Australia. Check out our Aussie Pages. We have moved to Coral Cove.
   Coral Cove/ Innes Park, is a few kilometres south of Bargara and is a developing residential area. Palmers Creek, just up the road, is a good area for swimming and picnicking. Barolin Rocks, just up the street from us, provides some of the best reef fish on the Queensland coastline with a variety of coral and colourful sealife attracting divers from all over the world. Coral Cove Estate is a master planned community developed with golf courses and other facilities underway.
  • Why not visit Marghe's Pages?
  • We have put together a diary of some Major Trips we have taken recently. There are pictures and narration of those vacations.
  • We had taken many, many pictures for our Photo Albums; Our photo depository, GatherRound, has gone out of business, so we have to rebuild all our links to these photos. Please, be patient.
  • We prepared Travel-logs of our trips and adventures from June 9, when we left Hawaii, to December 2000. We put this web page up in December, so now we use it instead of the letters we saved here.
    We have created these pages for sharing and remembering. You can't hurt anything, so go ahead and explore, click those colored hyperlinks. Share our lives, together. Almost all pictures are thumbnails, meaning, if you click them, they will give you a larger version of the picture. Use your 'Back' button if you don't see a colored hyperlink to return to the previous page. If you place your cursor over most pictures (so-called "hovering", a short discription will appear.
Marghe and Marty Basiszta Website / Homepage / Marghe's Pages / Aussie Pages / Other Pages
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