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Welcome to the website devoted entirely to the HP4 Board That Lived.

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Winner of the First Annual Poetry Contest: (May)

"The Room"
I speak
I speak and no one hears
My voice echoes off the walls
And I'm surrounded, but I'm alone

I try to make sense of it
But the harder I try, the more hopeless it seems
Do they not want to hear?
Or do I not matter?

I scream
But the louder I scream, the louder the echo
screams back at me
It taunts me
And even though I'm surrounded, I'm still alone

I try to be them
I think that if I'm one of them, they'll finally hear
But the echo just grows louder
And it's deafening, and it hurts me

But still I try
Because the harder I try, the more I know
I can hear myself
And that is worth it all


Last Update: May 10, 2002

Poetry Contest results in the "MBer's Works" section.
The newest chapter of Magic Mirror is up.
The Revised edition of Magic Mirror Chapter Four Part 1 is up, as well as chapter sixteen.
I've added a new section: the Y'all Ball.
The new chapters of Magic Mirror is up
I put Zack's picture on the page of his Story...
Zack's story is up, as well as the new Storymaster chapter. New SoS (Anita Skeeter & the Secret of the Scepter) chapters will be up shortly.
Some changes and additions to the AIM List. Later today (after school...) I will really set to work on fully updating it. :)
Another chapter of Anita Skeeter and the Secret of the Scepter (previously known as Storytime) is out! Yay!

Our new-and-improved anthem is also to be found. ;);)

I added the new Storytime Story to the MBer's Works section. I can't wait for it to continue!
Updates in the Chocolate Frog Cards section...
I made changes to the layout, as you can see. :) I like it much better this way. Much more uniform.
I made an introduction page, for those newbies that will be directed here.
I fixed (and finished) what I started a couple days ago, and I've added a lot more.
I've done a lot to the search engine; now it's a proper search engine. Have fun with it. :-D
Happy New Year!

Lucky and Jace- (welcome, by the way!) Your Chocolate Frog Cards are updated.

The Storymaster's story and PH19's Adventurerer's Journal are being kept. :) They're in the new section "MB'er's Works."

Also, my unaproved plans for the redecoration of the Throne Room are up in the Secret Adobe.

**One Hour Later**
Okay. I re-formatted the Secret Adobe section... complete with our rooms... and... more to come. Tomorrow. Hopefully.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

I've got a Text Description of Casa Anita up... and I'm working a bit on the Secret Adobe today (your rooms!) and... well, I'm doing a lot of random stuff in-between.
We'll see what I come up with by midnight. *shadow of a yawn*

Zack, your Chocolate Frog card is up.
I am going to get the rest of Casa Anita up hopefully after Winter Break. Until then, I've got a post there that officially ended one of our old Pizza Fights.
I've gotten the chocolate frog cards up! Please contact me with any changes... or if you don't have a card yet.
Oh--and look out for a lot of new stuff up today. :)
I've just linked Candy's memorial site up with "Our Websites." It's the first one, and it's bold and underlined. If you haven't nominated someone yet, please do!
So... what do you think of the new layout? I personally like this one better than all the others put together.

As you may have noticed, the History Page has a search engine! So if you are looking for something, and you don't want to go through the whole site (or the whole MB), write a few keywords into the text box and click SEARCH. A list of your results will follow. As time goes on, there will be a better list of things in our search engine. For now, there are only a few, because I can't spend all my time thinking them up.

Thanks to the idea by PH19, we have an encyclopedia! I also put up our list of time zones and the Board Arrivals, which shows when everyone first posted.
The original AIM list by Sabbrielle is also up, so if yours isn't on there, please tell me so I can get it up.

PH19's National Anthem is also there, so we should all take the time to learn the words, incase we find ourselves singing it at a future Quidditch World Cup. :)

"I recently told my Mom about the board. As I was speaking, I started to realize what I could nearly compare the board to. A small country. We have been through so much together. We have no one-time posters, only regulars or newbies. We have royalty (and you can literally dye your blood blue o.<), long time friendships, 12,000 and counting posts, a royal band, we're planning a Y'all Ball. We've had our pizza fights and we have our fights. We've had a parting of the way in which we lost one of our most respected regulars. It started with the creation of a new board for a reason which I don't necessarily understand myself. Some said it was betraying the original board..I have to agree now. We had nearly 8000 posts when this happened. So much history. And now almost all of us were willing to leave it. Desert it. I was one of the ones that followed to the new board..and I now regret it. Eventually, we all ended up back on the same board about 100-300 posts later. There were some hard feelings about things regarding the lost Queen, titles, royalty, etc. Those hard feelings have nearly disappeared now and all for the better. The parting of the ways has only made us stronger. We did, however, lose many regulars. They'd post one by one, nearly 2 a day, saying that they were sorry, but this was not the fun board they were used to, and that they would no longer be posting. Back then the board was a dark, dreary, argument-filled place. It was like the regulars leaving the board were refugees fleeing a civil war. Only by really telling someone about the board have I realized all my feelings about it. This board is not just a little message-board floating in cyberspace. It is a country which has grown stronger through varied "civil wars". A country with our roots drawn out clearly in our history, our lasting friendships, and our feelings toward one another. We all have one big friendship that has grown stronger and stronger with every joy and every sorrow. I know I said it during Thanksgiving, like many of my other fellow board-members, but I am thankful for this board. Everything about it. I plan to keep posting until no longer possible. If I did not promise that to myself, I would be walking away from the greatest friends I have ever known in my entire lifetime."
--Lindsay, December 17, 2001

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