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Born in Sliema on the Mediterranean Island of Malta in 1961, I am the elder of two boys. Having received a Catholic Education with the Jesuit Fathers at St. Aloysius' College in B'Kara, Malta, I entered the University of Malta in 1980 to read Medicine graduating in 1985. I worked in various departments at St. Luke's Hospital, Malta until 1991, when I moved into the field of Primary Health Care with the Department of Health, Malta relinquishing my post in 1998 in order to build my own private practice. My practice is mainly centred in the St. Julian's area. I am married and blessed with two daughters and two sons.

My pass-time activities, (when I get the chance that is), include: playing the piano and the pipe-organ, listening to classical and baroque music, taking photographs and working with various software packages on my computer. Gardening is also fun but regretfully I can boast of nothing more than a yard of modest size and a phone that has the bad habit of ringing every time I get my hands soiled, literally speaking! I would have liked to take up carpentry, pottery and clay modelling and I hope to find the time for these..... some day!


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