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Welcome to my
Accutane Journal!

I totally screwed up my website, and don't feel like fixing it right now.  Blarg, some other time.


Me at a glance (pre-accutane):



AGE: 21 (~24 now)
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 122 lbs (+10 pounds, probably more related to Lucky Charms and Corn Pops than Accutane) =)
DOSAGE: 40 mg, twice a day
START DATE: 02-28-03        
TIME ELAPSED: 16 weeks

Most recent entry:


Monday, October 10, 2005

I think it's been a good two years since I last updated this site, so I thought I'd post a few things.

First things first - it's been 2.5 years since I finished Accutane, and it definitely worked in clearing up my massive pustules.  I get an occasional zit on my chin (likely because I'm always resting my head on it...I dunno), but nothing noteworthy.

On the other hand, I've had nothing but one medical problem after another since my last month of treatment, including kidney stones, four surgeries.  I'm not saying that they were accutane-induced, but until then, I *rarely* ever went to the doctor.  In the last three years, I've lost count.

And I heart Tom, apparently, Accutane does cause some sort of psychotic break from rational thought (or, more likely, I'm just crazy).  Scientology scares me, seriously.  But... I'm gonna ignore that for now and go watch "Vanilla Sky" for the 167th time.  

I can't find the batteries for my digital camera, but I think I can find some sort of photo for ya.  photo album! 


I will soon be changing all occurrences of the words "journal" and "diary" with "blog" in an effort to appear more "hip."

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