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Premed is over! Now I am a first year medical student who will never have to take the MCAT test again!  I took the test after doing my preparation on my own in the summer of 2003 (the year that they changed the test but they changed it again for 2007; more info here: MCAT changes).  My MCAT scores were 11-12-14 for a total score of 37S.  I also did my exam review and interview preparation on my own.  I always promised myself that if I get into meds, I would design a premed site with medical school admissions advice for premeds!  I remember the stress, the rumors, the unsure feeling as to what the best way to prep for the MCAT, the personal statement, the medical school interview, medical school admissions, etc.  I still don't know everything about the process (who does!!?) but I learned alot and I am going to share as much as I can with you and other premeds.
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There are a number of very important premed websites to check out when you are getting ready for the MCAT test.  First you need a complete science review for the exam and I relied on The Gold Standard (also recommended on Ian Wong's premed site) which you can get on or in The MCAT Books and Video Store.  You absolutely have to buy ALL the previous real past exams that are available.  You can get them from the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges, the official group that makes the test) at official practice aamc tests or you can get them used on or in an eBay store like the Premed Store.  And for courses, videos and free practice exams, you can go to MCAT Prep (also MCAT CBT or MCAT test). 

There are also a line of new online courses which specify the subject you need help with. For example, for premed physics there is an MCAT physics online course; for premed biology there is an MCAT biology online course; for premed general chemistry there is an MCAT Chemistry online course; for premed organic chemistry, there is an MCAT organic chemistry online course; for the Writing Sample there is an MCAT Writing Sample online course; and finally for Verbal Reasoning, there is an MCAT Verbal Reasoning online course. If online courses are not for you, but you feel insecure about home study, then there is certainly a Princeton Review or Kaplan near you (if in Cali, add Cambridge and Berkley).

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I looked around at many premed websites before I got in to med school and some still exist and some other premed sites are no longer active.  I tried to take the cream of the crop premed info for this site.  I got permission to copy some info from an inactive site for premeds.  I hope you will find advice to make your test prep efficient, improve your MCAT scores, your application to med school and improve your chances of getting into med school.  Just keep trying and you will make it!!