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Last year I bought my first sportbike and it was the one of the best things I ever did.  The Ninja ZX600r was a great bike to learn on and still had lots of power for the open road.  The bug had bitten me and I has hooked.  Soon I was able to move up to my 1995 Honda CBR 900RR.  This bike is awsome!!  It's light, agile and has more power than most people could ever want.  It is perfect for around town and fairly comfortable for longer trips.  I get about 50+ miles to the gallon on the highway.  For those of you who think it isn't fair for a highway patrolman to have such a bike, "Too Bad!!"   Don't worry.  When I am out on the road, I take my chances just like everybody else.  I hope to get to Willow Springs or Pike's Peak for the 2001 AMA Superbike season.  See you there!!  I hope you enjoy this site.  If there is something that you don't see and think I should add it, just drop me a line.  If you have pictures of your own motorcycle that you would like to post, just send them.  If you have your own web page and would like to join the webring, just click on join the ring.
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Who's says cops don't know how to have fun? 
I get to drive fast at work too!
Cop Stuff:
If you haven't already guessed, I am a police officer as well.  I work for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  There are lots of law enforcement related items on this site.  If you came to my site looking for law enforcement pages, Welcome.  If you didn't, you are welcome to browse as well.  I am always looking to dispell those rumors of mean and sadistic cops.  Sorry, but all of the officers I work with are only interested in serving the public, keeping the streets safe and fighting crime.  Highway Patrol Page
Officer F.J. "Skip" Fink #940, perhaps one of the finest officers to ever wear a badge.  Skip was loved by many and respected by all.  As a new officer he took me under his wing and taught me many things about being a patrolman.  Skip was killed when a drug impaired driver rear ended his patrol car on US 60 (Superstition Freeway) in Tempe, AZ on Feb 18, 2000.  Skip's car burst into flames and several motorist stopped to try putting out the fire and pull him from the wreckage.  Skip was just two weeks short of his 28th anniversary with the department.  Several times through the years I asked him why he didn't retire.  Skip always said, "I'll retire when it's not fun anymore."
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