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The exact entry of the McElyea family in America is unknown. There has been extensive research but no absolute entry has been established. After going through many books of ship's passenger lists, we are not able to find the name McElyea.

The earliest record of the McElyea name in the United States is found in the, "Register of Christ's Church" and Episcopal Church in York Springs, Huntington Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania. This record was obtained from the Adams County Historical Society, it states that, "John MccLeDay baptized June 8, 1760 --- James baptized May 9, 1762, son of Laughlin and Mary MccleYea" (The first c may have been an a as the copy was of poor quality.)

One bit of information states that the McElyea family was from Northern Ireland.  We have found no such name listed in Irish records.  It is thought also that the McElyea family originally migrated from Scotland to Ireland.  Due to the lack of education of census takers plus the possible language problems, we have found several different spellings of the name.  At this time, the spelling "McElyea" seems to be the most widely used.

Research shown on these pages are a result of the many years spent in research  by Clara Hunt Miller, Wanda Mitchell, Elizabeth Noble and many other researchers who have shared their information.  Any contributions of information are welcomed!  Please contact me at: or if you have any comments or if you have any information to share. 

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