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It is the intention of the high school faculty and administration to help students maintain a focus on their courses of study. The faculty websites were created simply as a means to facilitate that focus and in no way are a substitute for school attendance, student-teacher verbal communication or scholastic responsibility.
In addition, because of the intrinsic differences in each course, individual websites will vary.

Hello, my name is Michael Cherinka and I
am the Business/Technology Department Chair at
Dallas High School located in Dallas Pennsylvania.

This page is designed to aid students who
are taking a physical science class and as a
quick reference page for science teachers.

The following are courses I currently teach.
Click on any of the classes to get a description.

  1. Technology Education 1
  2. Technology Education 2
  3. Basic Web Design
  4. Microsoft Access
  5. Computer Operations

You will also find some good links
to aid you in making your own web page.

I also am the Student Council
as well as the Mini-Thon Advisor. Waiver
A special shout out to my student council officers
for making this year a a great one.

The following are sites I referenced in
developing my WebPage:

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Periodic Table and Elements

Clip Art Review

Barry's Clip Art

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If you have any questions or comments feel free to write me at:
Michael Cherinka c/o Dallas Senior High School P.O. Box 2000 Dallas, Pa 18612
or Send Mail .
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