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Got persuaded into doing Nanowrimo 2005 writing a 50k story in a month it started bad and went downhill from there  But HEY I did it!

If you're really bored you can read part of my efforts HERE
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I'm updating it as and when I get a chance.
Be warned it's a very rough draft.

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Have writen only a little past this point but on hiatus due to xmas!
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Ok managed to alter guestbook so I can approve posts AND deleted the spam - YAY MEE - but hey, you could have had an enlarged viagra assisted penis, and I mean, who wouldn't want that!?!
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Short story, composed while stuck endlessly at traffic lights ~ I have no life
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10 minute
writing challenges.
The idea forwarded on The JoyWriting forum is to write for 10mins every day on a given  topic.  My scribblings can be found HERE
2006 and I did it again!!
Actually far happier with this years attempt and plan to finish and eventually edit it.  Lots of editting ;)  ~ Email me if you'd like to read a draft of the first chapter.
Found several sites that give writing prompts, exercises and story starters.  prompt sites.
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