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MEChA was established on the UW-Madison campus in the 1970s in direct correlation with the Chicano/a Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s. Its primary mission was to expose the concerns of Chicano/as to the campus and to promote the importance of higher education amongst the Chicana/o community.

MEChA serves to create a diverse environment within the UW-Madison campus by educating the campus population about Chicano/a culture, traditions, and history. Our presence on campus also helps to diversify the campus climate through programming and education.

MEChA on UW-Madison hold various and different activities throughout the school year. "El Mes Xicano", which is the most important event, is a month long program which takes place in October. El Mes Xicano educates in new and innovative ways from: films, workshops (social justice, cultural awareness, stereotypes, art, political consciousness, etc), speakers, and significant cultural events. These events and programs also serve as an educational opportunity for Chicana/o students to learn more about their culture and history. 

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