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Media Conversion offers a service to convert / transfer your video / audio cassette tape to VCD (video CD)/ CD at affordable price and of professional quality in Singapore. Disc to disc duplication ( copy ) also available.
Format supported inclu
VHS / PAL / NTSC / Hi8 / DV.

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New !!!

Backup your media card: SD card/MMC card/Memory Stick/Compact Flash (CF card) to CD-Rom.

Store all your important Documents/Certificates into CD for permanent storage. Stored images can be printed out any time when you need it.

Store all your favorite Photos/Pictures into CD to protect your memorable moments. You can redevelope all your favourite photos/pictures anytime at any Photo Studios just by producing this CD.

What is a Video CD?

Video CD was introduced by Philips and Sony in 1993. It never caught on in North America, but it became hugely popular in Asia, where most households didn't already have VCRs. In Asia, Video CD players are roughly as common as VCRs in North America: China alone manufactures 2 million VCD players a year.
VCD was jointly developed by Philips and Sony, who developed the compact disc technology in the first place. A VCD looks like a regular music CD or a CD-ROM. Instead of having music or software on it, VCD holds movies. VCD combines the VHS quality video and CD quality sound into a convenient compact disc. It offers exceptional high-end digital picture quality and smoothness, about an hour of playing time, full CD-quality stereo sound, and more. VCD uses MPEG compression (1:30) to provide picture quality that is far superior to the Quicktime movies you see on standard CD ROM's. VCD can be played on VCD-aware CD players, on most downward compatible DVD players, and on any PC or Macintosh with MPEG software installed. 


Why convert your tape to Video CD?

Preserving the most precious moment of life doesn't have to be expensive. Since the popularization of video camera, people have enjoyed the convenience of capturing the happiness of life on video tapes. Unfortunately the commonly used VHS tapes has a life time. The quality of the picture will deteriorate over time due to friction between the VCR head and the tape. Other factors such as humidity and temperature also affect the picture quality. 

You certainly don't want to see your happy memory got worn out! Be it the growing up of your kids, the once in a life wedding, or the unforgettable vacations with your loved ones, it deserves to be preserved. 

Video CD's (VCD for short) is the most economical way to accomplish this goal. Once stored on VCD's, you can practically play your home made video as many times as you want. VCD's can be played on your computer, video CD player, or DVD player. Windows 97/98/XP has built-in Active Movie software for you to watch your VCD's. 

Advantages of VCD over magnetic tape

1. Will not get moldy even if you store it for a very long time. 

2. Will offer the same quality throughout the lifetime of the CD since they are stored digitally. Tapes will deteriorate over time and may become unplayable after a few years of storage. 

3. CDs have a much longer lifespan than magnetic tapes. 

4. CD format can be played on any of the VCD players, Cd players, and even DVD Players

5.  Produce duplicate copies without loss of quality. (No generation loss)

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