Debbie Did What!? started out in January of 2004. Tyler Fox and Mike Young started off on guitar and vocals. In February they added Travis Fox on bass guitar. After no luck with drummers, Tyler, switch from guitar and the mic to the drums. Leaving Mike on guitar and vocals. Since then they have recorded a demo, a split cd with Hot Diggity! and played some shows to prove. Now in the fall of 2004, DDW!? is back to square one. Mike and Tyler are on guitar and vocals, and Travis is on bass. Then in Jauary of 2005 we found a drummer, Chris Wright.

Mike Young. Guitar and Vocals. May 14, 1987. 17. Male. Mike has played guitar for awhile now. He also plays trumpet and piano. He has also played in A Different Voice way back in 2002. He plays a Fender Tele and a Epiphone Les Paui through a Marshall AVT50 half stack. He will be starting college in January. But he won't let that get in the way with the band. And guess what ladies, he is single.

Tyler Fox. Guitar and Vocals. April 25, 1990. 14. Male
Tyler has been playing guitar since he was a litle boy. He started on bass then moved to guitar. He also plays drums and the sax. He has played in other bands, No Truce and Sober Kids In China. He plays a Epiphone SG though a all tube Fender '58 head and a Legion cab. He's only in 9th grade and could probably keep up with, or kick you ass at guitar. He too, like Mike is single.

Travis Fox. Bass. November 25, 1987. 17. Male.
Travis has been playing bass for a few years. He has also played guitar in the band Sober Kids In China. He plays a Fender deluxe P-Bass through a Ampeg B2R head and a Fender 410 cab. He can make anything out of wood. He has made a few guitars. And hey, guess what, he is single too.

Chris Wright. Drums. 16. Male.