A Possible Cure to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?
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This site describes visualisation cures (for lack of a better name- I will eventually make one - it merely refers to the use of imagination) developed by the author for the purpose of reducing the pain and suffering brought on by IBS. It also describes what the author considers to be the root cause of IBS (now needs to be updated - a more consistent cause has been found). It is quite long, and so may require some patience. While reading, I encourage you to experiment with the visualisation cures, many of which will only take a minute of your time, to decide whether reading is helping you or not. Again, the results may vary, depending on many factors, which you will learn in the course of the document. (Some of the techniques cover pain in the abdomen, pain in the right and left hand side of the chest, help for washroom problems, choosing foods to eat, some exercise techniques, as well as possible causes for changes in IBS behaviour)

Some General information and links in this document:

Please help all of you fellow sufferers who experience some success here and report the success: Only then can we grab the attention of more people and more doctors, which may eventually lead to a breakthrough. Additionally remember that it takes 1 year to 2 years and many, many patient's comments before a doctor will begin to prescribe to a theory. This is the nature of medical research. As scientific professionals, they are also required to produce scientific evidence for every new theory they suspect - This may additionally take a year or two for each new idea. Once they have conclusive evidence, they may publish their findings in a medical journal to be tested by several other doctors before it becomes official. Doctors can be sued for improper diagnoses - they have to protect their jobs and their source of income.

For those of you who would like to read something about my thoughts on getting diagnosed with IBS read this:  Some Stuff About Diagnosis of IBS  It may be a good starting point for those of you who haven't been diagnosed yet.

Progression of the Disease:

The descriptions I have read and my own experience moves something along these lines:

Initially, the pain starts as abdominal cramping, usually between the ages of 15 and 40 for most people. The initial bouts of pain are usually brief and go away, coming back at a much later time. Later on the pain increases in duration and in the number of episodes the patient describes feeling. This may also be accompanied by feelings of gas, and bloating of the stomach and intestines with very severe pain. This pain may even extend to areas beneath the belt of your waste - and feels temporarily relieved by releasing your pants/skirt. When you go to the washroom you may experience difficulty with your bowel movements and may even feel that the bowel movement is incomplete and no matter how long you stay on the toilet, you have difficulty getting rid of the sensation of incomplete emptying. You could suffer from diarrhea or constipation or both, which increases the pain. At this point or a later point, the pain will move in to the left hand chest, occasionally feeling like a heart attack. Eventually the pain moves from being primarily on the left hand side of the abdomen to the right hand side as well. At this time you may feel extreme fatigue and may sometimes feel faint. Your doctor might also find you have low glucose levels on occasion. You may also feel episodes of nausea and vomitting. Later, when the disease progresses, you will start to feel discomfort under the right rib cage and even sharp stabbing pains under the V of your chest. This may even progress to give sharp stabbing pains in the upper right chest and sensitivity of the right hand side of your rib cage. In addition to these pains you may feel excessive back pain, initially under the right shoulder blade and then extending to your general back area. One fine day, you may find that you suffer from extreme pain in the right side of your chest if you eat fatty foods or drink citric or acidic drinks or if you eat extremely alkalinic foods like meats. Some people will also end up with full blown diabetes - starting with bouts of hypoglycemia in addition to bouts of hyperglycemia.

Some people will complain of headaches, toothaches and itchy gums in addition to the IBS symptoms. Pain can also be felt in the back of the neck on occasions. Some patients have hemorrhoids, and may have bleeding giving red blood (usually not dark blood) - this can be quite scary to the patient.

The majority of sufferers will be women in their 40's and 50's, especially those going through menopause. The majority of these women will feel relief when they take caltrate D vitamin supplements. Other sufferers may just generally be above the age of 15.

If you have followed my description and feel it fits yours quite well, it may be a good sign.

Some of my ideas surrounding your suffering:

This part of my explanation will not include the root cause of the disease. I will instead describe the symptoms I described above and the progression of the disease to its full debilitating extent with my take on what is happening inside your system. Occasionally, the description will include a very full description of my suspected medical causes behind the activity you are sensing. I will then give some simple visual tests to help you decide whether or not the disease is due to what I strongly suspect. Doing so, may help to convince you of what I am implying. I will also give some other temporary visual measures which you can use in order to temporarily contain the problem. Remember: This is not foolproof and neither is it guaranteed to work for you.

1. Initially you feel pain in the abdomen, usually on the left hand side:

I will leave the root cause for this pain out of this. The pain is caused by the early onset of IBS. It can be due to irregular movement of food through the large intestine. Some of the muscles of the large intestine tend to lose their ability to push while other muscles squeeze very hard to try and push the food through. The corners of the large intestine may be the spots where the most pushing occurs and the other parts of the large intestine may be where the food ceases to move because of relaxation of those muscles. One of the functions of the large intestine is to absorb vitamins (in fact I think it is the only part of the intestine that does this) as well as water. With a disfunctional large intestine, water may be overabsorbed or may be underabsorbed. In cases of overabsorption, constipation ensues and the food then blocks the passage of air. This may cause pain. The passage of air is necessary for food further up in the intestines to move forward without having to put excess pressure on the food. This causes bloating of the large intestine and of your external tummy walls. The underabsorbed water can make it difficult for the stomach to push the food through, and so causes great pain because of the extreme squeezing of intestines. Eventually, you will have food still stuck in your large intestine. - I have a visually identified technique that helps reduce the amount of stool left behind in your stomach. (By the way, I believe that hemorrhoids are eventually caused because of the distention of the walls of the intestine) For those who have hemorrhoids like myself - occasional bleeding may occur because of tears. - It is important to tell your doctor about this as soon as possible. Bright red blood means that the blood could be coming from the end of your colon, while dark blackish can mean serious intestinal problems - Let your doctor figure this out for you. My GP used - I believe its called a proctoscope? - to see the actual point where blood was ccoming from. (He found it).

Doctors may prescribe medication that is trial and error for IBS that helps reduce the sporadic nature of the pushing of food through the large intestine. Sometimes taking calcium will help reduce diarrhea (in addition to possibly attacking the (formerly supposed) root problem) - Apparently, it may help in the consistency of the bowel movement - You may want to take caution that it can cause severe constipation for those of you who already suffer from constipation. Additionally, some pills contain magnesium - You may have noticed that the cure for coonstipation is usually a magnesium mix (milk of magnesia).

The overall effect is to cause pain and a deficiency of vitamins essential for the body's functioning such as A,B,C,D and E. It is advisable to take dietary supplements to help reduce the deficiency. Additionally, the pain then radiates below the belt line (loosening the belt suddenly feels good), and to the left side of the chest. Don't be surprised if you occasionally or often feel like you are not interested in sex any more.

IN The NExt couple of paragraphs I Diverge to explain the meditative technique to solve some bowel movement problems:

Something to help your bowel movements when you feel you are not getting rid of all
the stool at the toilet:

1. Bend forward with your stomach on your thighs (try to make sure it is only your stomach on your thighs and not the entire upper body), put your hands with your palms facing downwards on your feet. Put your thumbs on the right side of your left foot and  on the left side of your right foot. Put your other fingers on the opposite side of of your respective thumbs on your feet. Now, lift your knees so that your toes are comfortably on the ground, but your heel is not on the ground. Lift your left foot only slightly and do not shake your leg. Now try to move your right leg (the one I didn't describe) to a position where it starts shaking. You will feel a great urge to push hard inside your bowels. Do not worry. (Please be careful, this is not medical advice - I do not know how exactly it will affect you - I hope you don't break an O-ring, or cause piles, although I don't have piles). Bring your legs closer or farther apart depending on what you are more comfortable with - I usually take the position that helps me move the most - this will vary from time to time. Also, try alternatively on separate occasions, keeping your right leg still and shake your left leg or shake both legs, depending on which one gives you the greatest urge to push. I first discovered this technique and then realized that effectively what is being done is a simple massage of the large intestine using the legs (very effective massage technique - as it covers the length of the large intestine on both sides of the tummy) Eventually, this helped me with my washroom problems.

More effective washroom problem and pain solver:
 (This is also the test cure)
1. Imagine you are sipping water (or a water, milk mix) through the middle of the V of your chest to your mouth from the areas that are in pain in your digestive system. You will find that by alternatively narrowing and widening the water stream, you will be able to reduce a considerable amount of pain. Do not use this technique too much It may cause you to hyperventillate - Take some breaks in between and take deep and calm breathing. Make sure to concentrate on keeping the water flowing through the V of your chest while using the technique - also try to relax. This technique might be so effective in reducing pain for so many that you might not even consider reading further ---->  Problem: These meditative techniques are quite temporary and do not represent a means to overcome the real problem - you might experience nervousness, shakineess, restlesness and dizziness from using this particular technique. The technique also doesn't solve one other critical problem - read on - There is also a much more consistent cure later on.

The pain in your stomach (the actual stomach) may lead you to believe that you are merely suffering from gas and may cause you to burp or belch. This behaviour is habit forming and could actually be bad, because a stomach that is possibly not suffering from acid reflux (ie the stomach acid going up and causing burning sensations) - will now, courtesy of the burping and belching habits rise up and cause a burning sensation after a couple of weeks of purposely burping and belching. At this point removing the bad habit will cause discomfort, but will eventually cut down the problem. You may occasionally burp during normal times with no control over it, but this is a natural way to release pressure in the stomach. Do not try to artificially do this, if you can control it. Acid reflux products will only yield temporary relief.

2. Movement of the pain to the right hand side of the colon as well:

Now, things get complicated in your sophisticated human body. The gall bladder releases bile into the intestines to help digest fatty foods as well as to act as a natural laxative for the intestines. This organ therefore kicks into overtime, and being a very complex organ, it can be the potential cause for a host of other diseases. (Remember: I am giving you possible reasons - not necessarily absolute reasons - There is a lot of speculation here)

The gall bladder of a very high number of people contain benign gall stones - very small inconsequential stones throughout most of these people's lives - except if you have IBS the consequences change. In the effort to dispense bile to relax the intestines, the gall bladder squeezes very hard. These stones, which normally harmlessly rest at the bottom of the gall bladder move up and block the bile duct. This causes less bile to be put in the intestine and causes the gall bladder to work hard as well as reducing the laxative effect on the intestines. (By the way gall bladder stones form as a result of the normal operation of the gall bladder - which concentrates bile by removing water).

The effect: Your right hand side of your chest and or the large intestine starts to hurt. The area around your navel also starts to hurt. I tried taking bile salts and this produced what I expected. The delivery of bile is like a train loading passengers(speculation). The food that goes initially does not get any passengers and likely gets stuck further up in the intestine. The food that comes later got some bile and so smoothened its motion through the intestine. You can probably induce the rest - I had less pain on the right side and belly, but a huge bloating.

Others have mentioned on different sites that too much bile in the intestines can be a painful experience. According to some, the bile must be absorbed before entering the large intestine... which is why a bile absorbing agent must be used in some people's situations. (Bile is a greenish yellowish fluid - you will likely not see this in your stool). It is also suggested that the quantity of bile absorbing agent (eg: Questran), should be controlled for the right effect. Since bile is an intestinal laxative, and is important for smooth movement of food through the intestine, too little bile can cause food to stagnate and this is why I believe that too much water absorption occurs causing hard stools.

This being said, I tried at a later stage controlling the amount of bile salts I take with each meal. I find that if I have an itch on the right hand side, or any pain on the right hand side, I can take a quarter of a pill of bile salts, and this completely alleviates my pain in addition to helping reduce constipation. (I cut the bile salts pill into four using a pill cutter). This might work for a number of people with IBS-C.

The stones that get stuck in the bile duct are small, and so do not produce full blown gall bladder disease initially. I suspect they also cause minor biliary colic (please understand that this is what I am choosing to call it because the effects are small compared to biliary colic described by doctors, which is an extremely serious condition that requires surgery and can be life-threatening), since they are so small - This causes the pancreas, which gets irritated to malfunction and cause low and high blood sugar levels because of imbalanced insulin levels - This causes fatigue, feelings of faintness, blurring of vision and gives you occasional chills. I particularly find that a warm shower increases the possibility of these symptoms: My thoughts are that the soft stones expand with heat and this causes it to form a bigger blockage - try reducing the temperature of the water as much as you can comfortably handle. It is important to mention that the pain in the intestines is probably the greatest source of fatigue for most people. Over time, the gall bladder stones will grow because of the heavy concentration of bile and cholesterol and can produce full blown gall bladder disease leading to possible diabetes. (Please read about this on other sites). (I use flax seed oil with omega-xxx to help control cholesterol buildup occasionally ).

The effects of gall bladder disease are the following: Pain in the large intestine, pain in the right side of the chest, stabbing pains in the chest and under the V of the chest, pain under the right shoulder blade eventually broadening to include the whole back, initial fainting feelings from problematic sugar levels, chills, vomiting feelings initially, possibility of developing full blown diabetes.

Diverge for a cure that works for me in times of excessive pain in the right chest:

1. In a sitting position, bring your right leg up and rest your foot as far up on the left thigh as possible. Now put your right arm around the back of your head and try to pinch your nose blocking air. (hold your breath) My arm is not long enough to pinch my nose, but it allows me to touch and squeeze the left hand nostril, so I use my other hand to complete the pinch. This should relieve a lot of the stress you feel in the gall bladder area.

From reading sites on the Internet about gall bladder disease, I found a natural way to purge gall bladder stones that worked very, very well for me. (Apparently this even works for people who have had their gall bladder removed - don't ask why). Individual results may vary. The pain from the right hand side subsided in two days. It does, however, offer the low possibility of complications such as full blown biliary colic or gall bladder disease, necessitating the removal of the gall bladder by laparascopic surgery. Biliary colic can be dangerous if not operated on. I made all the necessary printouts to try to understand the risks involved before attempting a purge.

The way the remedy works is to force the gall bladder stones out of the gall bladder through the bile duct. - Again, this could be harmful. For one or two days a diet of fluids is prescribed (see other sites) - Citric/acidic fluids may also cause the release of bile to reduce intestinal acidity. The idea is to imbibe fluids that do not activate the gall bladder. Solids are not welcome, since they cause the bile to be put into the intestine for laxative effects. In the evening a mixture of oil and freshly squeezed lemon is used. This forces the stones out - See exact description on other sites please. There is possibly a lot of pain involved here - maybe more than you are used to feeling on your right side for two days. Before the cleanse however, many sites advise a colonic cleanse. It is interesting reading to find out about colonic cleanses and how it is good for you - I don't know anything about this since I haven't done one myself. I believe there are pills that are used to help with this.

Unfortunately, doctors can/cannot see benign gall bladder stones through ultrasounds and X-rays. If they cannot see it, they cannot say it is there. Additionally, they may be aware that it is possible for such symptoms to come and go if the stone is very small. Removing the gall bladder can cause many problems: The gall bladder serves as a storage unit for bile, secreting more or less when necessary. When removed this facility no longer exists and so it can make digestion of fats, acidic substances, large food quantities heading to intestines quite uncomfortable - almost as bad as before - unless you permanently take bile supplements with each meal, for the rest of your life - $$$$ This is why doctors also try to stay away from diagnosing problems as gall bladder disease.

Fortunately, you can reduce some of the pain by not eating particularly irritating foods - and there are plenty - and having smaller more frequent meals.

Here I would like to note another of my beliefs: Right from childhood, the body generally knows what it needs to have in order to get a fair share of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for healthy functioning. When you see certain foods you sometimes feel hunger for it because you need it for your system's proper functioning - Unfortunately, developed country eating habits don't work this way, because the natural urges get ignored by people and they develop bad habits of substituting with other non-beneficial foods, which eventually fools them. However, the one thing that gets imprinted in the mind that cannot be fooled around with is the color of the food you are eating and its attachment to the vitamins and minerals necessary for living. Most of these things can be supplied through non-artificial foods (esp. fruits and vegies). So, many sites will advise you to eat certain colored foods without realising that this is the reason why they figure these foods are beneficial. In fact, just imagining such colors can help reduce some of that pain (This is not a substitute for eating important foods) - The foods you require will vary from time to time, so the beneficial color will also vary. I found that to reduce inflamation of the gall bladder, imagining a pokadotted room with small yellow circular spots on the wall and a purple background helps a lot. For pain in the lower left hand side of the intestine, yellow and red works. Green, yellow, red and purple are generally very beneficial. Some foods come to mind including apples, no oranges, no lemons, grapefruit (yes, in spite of the acidity), romaine lettuce with purple heads, green leaf products... Spicy foods are ok if you are used to them, otherwise they will cause a lot of bile to spill - esp. chilies, and other discomfort causinng levels of spices. Oil fried foods also cause trouble because of the oil (fatty acids) - Also it is often suggested that patients take some dietary fibre supplements to help with bowel movements - I find that bran is too abrasive, so I eat foods/take dietary fibre with soluble fibre, such as potatoes or Equate(Walmart brand of dietary fibre supplement). Drink 5-7 glasses of water/fluids a day (esp. when using dietary fibre supplement - to have properly formed stools) - try not to use chlorinated tap water - chlorine causes unwanted acidity - The water is also important for the effecctiveness of the sipping water technique I mentioned earlier. Try not to drink cold water either. Note: Some mineral waters are taken from tap water and some questionable methods may have been used to reduce chlorine - (I mean the water may still contain some chlorine, not including troublesome minerals) - especially the cooler water sold in stores - so they may still cause some problems. With distilled water, you have to be careful, 100% pure water is a very strong solvent and can cause great problems - Don't ever drink distilled water used to pour in your engine coolant. - Some minerals and aeration is very important in the water. Different waters will vary in taste and comfort for different people. The consistency of water from suppliers is akin to service consistency from Internet Service Providers across different customer profiles, different profit levels, different regions, and different sources for water. Call Ralph Nader..... He'll know what to do. Anyone who has gone out drinking knows that dehydration can cause headaches.

It is also important to realize that with meals it is important to drink some fluid, but not a lot. A lot of fluid accompanying a meal or just after a meal can increase your stomach acidity to digest your food. Some fluid is necessary to help the stomach churn the food without having to release a lot of stomach acid. If you apply this last comment on a regular basis, you will find it is addictive. Eventually, you will be forced to follow this advice - but each time you do, you will be more at peace with yourself.

Here comes the BIG part: The root cause (formerly thought to be the cause - now needs an update).

I determined the root cause first and then devised a scheme to help you reduce the pain. Try this little trick that might reduce your pain considerably and point to the root cause that I am thinking of:
It actually works better than all the other visualisation methods but extended use will cause the root cause of the pain to come back to you - Personally, I cannot decide which problemm irritated me more. However, if you use this once in a while, you can reduce some of the pain and cause an itchy feeling in your head (as opposed to a headache). I find this technique is more consistent than the last one.

Imagine a white ceramic China plate. Imagine there is a small pile of white sugar on the plate. Now imagine that this plate can pass through your head. Let the plate enter your face from just under the bump below the bridge of your nose. Now let this plate pass all the way through your head, coming out the back of your head at the same height that it started at. If you imagine this slowly, you may feel its effectiveness more. Over time imagine the pile of white sugar to grow higher. Retry the experiment and try also to imagine where the top of the tall sugar mountain would hit the back of your head while the plate leaves. - This might give you an amazing feeling. Now imagine the plate is somewhat like a flying saucer in that it is swooping upwards towards the point where the top of the sugar mountain was previously hitting at the back of your head.

I stop to say that I would urge you to read on until the end, in spite of the incredibility of the next paragraph. Things may look more obvious when I present proof for my theory.

If this works for you, you may eventually develop a headache as opposed to the IBS pains. What I effectively instructed you to do with this last experiment, was to cut off the communication of pain between your brain and your bowels, (with the imagery) which removed the pain from your bowels and brought it to your head. This is a significant development: The pain that is registering in your brain is due to a toothache (although you may not currently be suffering from toothache - just the headaches). The brain at one point in time or another received a constant toothache pain signal and did not know how to handle the constant pain and your inability to sleep because of the pain. What happened was that in order to remove the pain the pain was distributed to surrounding brain areas which eventually (possibly months/years afterwards) affected your bowels. The reason why people don't suffer from IBS right after a tooth problem is because it takes time for the brain to figure a way to solve the pain in the manner I explained. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there is any way for Doctors to test this theory. Long term care of teeth is necessary to reduce the pain for most people. In my case, I used meditation, and when I push my molars in the right direction, I can feel instant gratification.

This technique reduces stomach grumbling noises, because it helps you revert to the original (root) cause of the pain - for those of you that wanted such a technique.

Warning: Bringing the root cause back without being prepared for headaches and sleeplessness could feel just as bad or worse than the original pain. Note: You may not necessarily revert to the original toothache, but this is not an indication that the problem was not originally started with the teeth.

The following is both a test for the toothache source, and a means to control the IBS pain for a couple of painfree hours: (at least for me I have a couple of painfree hours.)

You can obtain over the counter local aneasthetic for toothaches (around $6-$9) (I used a product called anbesol liquid - which can be conveniently swabbed on the gums). People ask me if they are allowed to use products that are meant for non-oral application - My advice: don't do it - find medicine specifically for toothaches only, to be safe - the chemicals in non-oral medications may not be safe to use in your mouth (you wouldn't swallow/gargle cologne to improve your breath would you?). Try applying some to the gums - remember that teeth tend to radiate pain around the arch, so you may want to apply aneasthetic to more than just an isolated spot on your gums. You may or may not experience great relief in the stomach (I did). This might be a temporary means to relieve your pain in days of extreme pain or even on those special occasions, you wish to be free of problems.

Hopefully, you will post your success stories with the theories posted here, this may help doctors feel more comfortable with condoning some of the findings. I do this myself, because as I previously said, I am suffering terribly, and necessity is the mother of invention. I am also under the impression that if toothache is not the original cause of your IBS, then it could be another pain that is affecting your brain directly - The brain seems to deal with all pains that directly affect the head in the same manner. Yet others seem to report having suffered from IBS after food poisoning... I don't know anything about this. (My thoughts are that it may be an entirely intestinally created problem for these people - the food poisoning may permanently alter the way their body absorbs minerals/vitamins (eg: calcium) which may lead to other complications - one such complication being IBS - or bad bacteria in the gut could be causiing problems). It however, seems that there is increasing evidence for many subsets of IBS and that there are physical alterations in the body to support that IBS is NOT an "all in the mind" syndrome - and that one cure may not help all IBS sufferers.

Warning: Some of you may only take a matter of days before the techniques I have mentioned wear out. One of the new methods or a combination thereof, might be your only recourse at that point. (again for a temporary effect - read why below).

The tooth tap method:

Over time, you may find yourself willing to believe that your teeth are the source of the pain. When you start feeling the connection to the brain and teeth, for some of you this will work: Try tapping your teeth with one of your finger nails, listening for hollowness of the teeth. If the source is actually the teeth, you must remember that one tooth's pain will radiate to others, so make sure you tap quite a few teeth in this manner. I reserve this method for the rare occasion when I don't feel like doing anything, as well as when I am in great pain. Another belief: When you suffer great bouts of pain, you may find that you bite your teeth together hard - It may help not to do this and in fact to not to bite at all - this may relieve some of the severity of the pain - if not occasionally all of it.

I diverge for an unrelated visualisation method:

1. Take a herbal tea that smells of grass. Smell the odor of the hot tea. When you drink it, try to feel the warmth of the tea on the left hand side of the back of your throat. At the same time, try to imagine a 1 centimeter swirl of yellow/pink turning round on the back of your neck on the left hand side, just beside the spinal column. Hopefully this will work for you as well. This method involves less of the imagination, so it may actually last longer than the others.

If you read this, it may make some sense: (Some support for the toothache cause).

1. Women with menopause often suffer from osteoporosis, a condition which causes bones to lose calcium - This is why caltrate D supplements are helping them cope with the problem. Although, it must be noted that it is possible that for people with diarrhea, calcium is a good way to increase consistency, just as magnesium helps with constipation. (be very careful about allowed limits - you may need to discuss this with your doctor). Apparently zinc increases diarrhea and nausea from many accounts.

2. People from ages 15 and up start developing wisdom teeth, which may be crooked or causing little space in their upper and lower jaws, causing them to suffer from untold headaches.

3. Some older men also suffer from osteoporosis, also causing tooth problems.

4. Many North Americans (esp.) drink excessive amounts of coke, other soft drinks, tea and coffee and eat chocolate bars (sugary stuff gets stuck to your teeth - not good for the teeth - ask your dentist) - all which contain caffeine which cause the loss of calcium in bones. This is in addition to not eating foods containing enough calcium - Drink milk or eat bananas or fish (I fry it with very little oil). I believe you need 1000mg of calcium/day. (more than all your required vitamins - beware of limits on calcium intake and its constipating effect). Personally, I find that my teeth are very sensitive to a general lack of vitamins, and calcium in particular.

Note: Women with PMS may suffer more severe bouts of IBS during their period.

Whatever You Do:

Don't forget to take care of your teeth whether you believe this or not. Personally, I find that flossing helps increase space between teeth in a crowded jaw, and thus helps to dumb down some of the long term pain. If you choose not to care for your teeth you can always use the plate of sugar trick. Beware that the visual tricks may not work forever, because the mind starts to resist and tries to find ways around your "tricks" - after all it was originally the brain that caused the removal of the headache caused by your teeth. Also weigh in the risks of prolonged IBS that are explained on this page. In the end long term dental care may be the only solution to avoid all these problems. There are those of you who have ongoing dental care, yet still suffer from IBS or more minor bloating problems - I am not sure what you can do - Maybe meddication that is aimed directly at helping with toothaches for the long term (if there is some such thing) would help?

Effects of Stress:

Stress can cause problems with the digestive process, increasing the secretion of bile and possibly increasing the effects of the disease. It is important in most diseases to take care of stress (In my opinion, pain is a reaction to a stressor - It is very important to find the stressor and treat it). Some doctors feel that this disease may be stress related because they cannot find any other cause - and this makes them conclude that the disease is a psychological one. If you tell them (as well as others who do not suffer from the disease) about the meditative techniques I have described, they may conclude that this is a stress (ie mind) related disorder. Whether doctors believe it is a stress disorder or not, they cannot verify visual techniques, although many agree that visualisation can help reduce a lot of problems quoting "the unbelievable power of the mind over the body". A psychiatrist/psychologist, on the other hand may possibly accept meditative techniques for statistical purposes. They dispense a lot of their diagnoses based on a statistics manual called the DSM IV. Do not be afraid to consult a psychiatrist/psychologist for help for diseases that conventional medicine has not yet found a cure for - Doing so is not admitting that it is a psychological disease, but it is rather about helping yourself to the facilities available for handling stress. - The trick is to find a group of medications that will best help you cope with depression and fatigue, and this is something that these doctors are trained to do. One more point: Since the techniques I mentioned are short lived, doctors will have no lasting evidence to go on - Do not blame them if they do not take this page seriously. You, however, are not bound by professional ethics of doctors and so are welcome to try the suggestions here and elsewhere. Even doctors who suffer from the disease will take time before condoning anything.

If you have mood swings (I find this relaxing regardless of whether I have mood swings or not - This will even help your doctors who may not believe you about the rest), try the following: (I also believe this will help bipolar disorder patients).

Pick a time when you are relaxed somewhere and have about five free minutes. Imagine something that makes you angry for 10 - 20 seconds (don't have to time this). Now imagine other feelings, which you regularly have, one by one that you wish to control in similar 15 - 25 second cycles. Work on this for about 2-3 minutes and leave yourself some time to relax afterwards. (I am aware of why this works, but I won't explain here - its too long). Some feelings you might want to explore are apathy, depression, fear and sadness (you want to explore plenty of this). Make sure that you completely free your mind of the previous feeling before exploring the new feeling. So give yourself some time at the near the end of your cycle to relax and clear the mind completely. Do not time yourself - this increases stress to finish on time.


For some of the visualisation techniques, if you feel a lot of stress under the V of your chest, try doing some deep breathing using your stomach to help the breathing and neck exercises. Make sure to keep your spine straight often enough - including while you do the breathing exercise. (move your neck about in all sorts of directions) Regular exercise also helps. However, long stretches of exercise may cause problems for some. I found the most effective way of exercising, is to spend two minutes every couple of hours doing some exercise - whatever you like, and to include some movement of your arms. Don't forget to drink a lot of water/fluids (5-6 glasses a day along with the breathing)!

Another visualisation technique, proposed by someone else: Imagine water flowing down from the center of the brain to the cheeks of your buttocks. Eventually, you might imagine the end point to be further and further down your legs. (this method eventually caused me some pain in my rear end though.) (Thank you John/Phoey).

I also know some cures for for pain at the end of the colon, for foginess of thoughts, pain on the left hand side during IBS (unrelated to heart problems), pain in the rectum, help for anxiety, etc.

Cure for bloating: I imagine a pin being inserted in my large intestine on the left hand side. This helps me with bloating considerably.

BTW: Even if I've read this page a million times, I find that sometimes rereading this page helps me. You might want to try this.

Some Pain in my left chest and my beliefs: This is a really long shot, but here goes: I occasionally find I have pain in my left chest which I attributed to heart problems, but my doctor says I have none. I found that my jaw caused me some of these pains - I found through visualisation that if you bite too far forward with your jaw, you can irritate the muscles just behind the jaw which radiates the pain to the medulla oblongata. This eventually causes chest pains that feel like heart pain in my personal opinion. The condition was not helped by the fact that I got frequent colds which put a lot of strain on my jaw, and the fact that it seems that pain in my rear end also seems to be related to this problem. This is what I do to help control my jaw bite, and to eventually control feeling pain in the heart region, which seems to radiate down the left arm like a heart attack would:

Put the center of your palm on your chin and open your bite slightly, so that the two arches of your teeth are not touching each other. Push your jaw backwards with your palm and hold this for about 15 seconds. Now, move your jaw to other positions and repeat the process. Try to get a feel for a "normal" position of your jaw, by putting your fingers behind the jaw and feeling where the bones feel like they might "normally" rest.

In visualisation (of the kind that I practice), the idea is to find the source and the mechanisms involved in the delivery of pain. Once these have been found it is possible to create ways to solve problems - even if they are not the body's own creation (eg: a disease causing bacteria). It may not always be possible. It is important to assess the facilities that are available to the body and the body's natural reaction as well as what parts of the natural reaction can be modified to increase the efficiency of the reaction. It is somewhat akin to acupuncture - Acupuncture was invented in this manner. A strong visualisor may be capable of assessing the health and mood of another person by watching the person, touching a body part - and may also be able to alter the person's feelings/learning/health in various ways. (this is not about miracles - it is similar to reading body language when going out on dates).

VIMP: Unfortunately, I forgot to mention throughout my web page how dangerous practicing deep meditation can be to the uninitiated. While there are ways to solve problems, there is an infinite number of ways to also screw up the body's natural balance. If you have attempted the techniques mentioned on the page, you will most likely have felt how powerful visualisation and meditation can be for healing. You may or may not have experienced some side effects of the powerful techniques I have described as well. Therefore I would advise people not to try practicing deep meditation or to think too much about it - it can be very dangerous both to your health and to those people around you. Just as a good doctor/physician would not prescribe pills that are not good for you I have tailored the descriptions on the page so that you avoid problematic methods. I strongly advise you not to experiment with acupuncture on your own either.

For a really detailed explanation on the dangers of meditation look here:  dangers of deep meditation in detail .

Thank you to those people who have been posting their success and even referring others to this page. I'm a Christian, so I would also like to thank God, the eternal source of all inspiration.

Good Luck!

Questions/Comments?: You can send me any information, questions, taunts, insults you'd like to: meditativeibs at yahoo.ca.  (change the "at" and subtract the period at the end). I do help people as time permits with questions, and when they give me more specific information about their situation. My freedom to post this site at bulletin boards becomes less and less as time goes by. I'm not sure I can help non-IBS sufferers, although I'll try to, if you ask a question.

Some thoughts on Prolonged Meditative Care .

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