Welcome to my Gecko Page

This site is devoted to my two little friends, Eek and Meek. They are Gekko ulikovskii otherwise know as Golden Geckos. They were a gift to me for my birhtday, thanks Alexandra, Dom, and Gaye. I really don't know a lot about Geckos but these guys are cute and fun to watch.

Eek and Meek in the morning.

Meek alone on a log.

Meek again looking for a drink.


Just hanging out in the rain.

Meek on the log, pretending you can't see him.


Getting a drink..

.Who you lookin at?

I think it is interesting they can climb glass, due to small "hairs" on their feet.

Meek and I.

Catching some rays.

Shhhh... be very quiet I'm hunting crickets..

Happiness is a warm rock.

Loungign by the pool, since been refurbished.

Hiding in the "bushes".

Lemme outta here.

You can't see me...

Do the dew.

Still hiding.

They seem to like the lights just before bed time.

Nice banding and color.

I am not sure about the color fluctiations, but it seems normal from what others tell me.

Out in the sunshine again.

The lizard king surveying his domain.

Playing in the bushes more.

My new water feature, it is great at keeping the humidity up.

.Some Gexko Links:
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