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A topic that is perhaps more morbid than most but one at present of high import to me, being myself Hyperinsulinaeamic! With this page I will attempt to explain in laymen terms (or perhaps more appropriately stated as I can hardly be classed as laymen - my younger sister calls me ‘abstract’ - in the terms of one who lives it..) just what it is and what you can do about it.

*** WARNING!!! The contents of these pages can not replace the advice of your Doctor, I am not a qualified expert, nor do I pretend to be one. This information is meant to assist you in your quest for a better lifestyle and if you feel you might be Hyperinsulinaemic, or indeed are suffering from some kind of metabolic disorder PLEASE consult a professional!! ***

OK! Now that all that's out the way let me tell you about a little thing called 'Hyperinsulinism'. I was diagnosed with it in November 1998 and have not looked back since! Almost 18 months later, and 12 kilograms lighter I might add, life has turned a definitely more favourable colour!

A nagging weight problem was NOT what sent me on the 3 year run that led to my discovery however. I was 19 years old, but the zest for life that I was born with had already vanished! My symptoms were of the worst kind, you know, the kind that never go away, they're not overly noticeable, but they were always there... constantly eating away at my health and my capacity to live my life the way a 19 year old should.

So, what exactly was the problem you say? ..well, according to most around me it was my attitude... but you know what, it wasn't.. I had a metabolic disorder.

Hyperinsulinaemia is a term used to describe a form of 'Insulin Resistance'. Put simply, my body had stopped reacting properly to the insulin secreted after the consumption of carbohydrates, like sugar and rice (to mention a few). The non-insulin resistant body knows just how much insulin to secrete after food to lower the blood sugar levels in the blood. When the blood sugar levels have dropped to their regular level the body knows to stop insulin secretion. For a person with juvenile diabeties (Type I) the body doesn't secrete insulin, so they have to inject it to maintain this 'low-blood sugar level', they learn how much to inject by testing blood sugar levels thereby reducing the chance of too much insulin in the system.

For a person with Hyperinsulinaemia, when the body secretes insulin it somehow looses the ability to know how much to release into the system. Eventually the body starts to increase the amount of insulin secreted. When I was tested it was discovered that after consumption of sugar my body secrets 4 times the amount of insulin as it is supposed to. Theory goes that eventually, further on down the track, the body would continue to increase secretion until it secretes copious amounts, to no effect, whence it looses its usefulness, the body no longer reacts to the insulin .. becoming what is known as 'Diabeties Type II' - or 'mature-onset Diabeties' (often linked to obesity and usually manifested during middle age).

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My objective here is to help with the spread of understanding. I have found it VERY difficult myself in the past with lack of support and understanding due to the miniscule amount of information available on the topic. Do yourself a favour, if you feel you might be suffering from Hyperinsulinism, GET CHECKED OUT because it is NO less important than Diabeties.. which is only the next step!!! You know the saying...

Prevention is better than cure!

Listed below is a web-site full of medical information about the metabolic disorder and 2 books that I have found useful in my search for understanding:

Mehrdavon's page

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