A Personal Journey through Sensuality

Welcome, this site created by melanie, who is now known as melanie_as_light. It is a site dedicated to her personal growth, opinions, based on the lifestyles she leads. Although she herself will not set a false limit by giving herself a stereotypical lable.o0(sub, slave, kajira, Gorean)

This site will look into her own opinions on various non-vanilla lifestyles primarily focusing on Gor, BDSM, both online and off line. The opinions on this site expressed are those solely of the creator..while you may agree or disagree with it..that is your right.

For those who have been to my realm of sensual desires and dreams will notice a major diference between the two sites..the difference being simple..as that was a site dedicated to the lifestyle in general..this site is solely a girls personal, innerself.

This site is a growing personal site....will be updated, added and expanded frequently..she hopes that you may return again....Welcome and enjoy.

My Diary (updated daily)

Random Thoughts(updated 10/29/00)

Chaotic Thoughts

Scenes to Remember (updated)

Poetry from the Heart (updated 7/19)


The BDSM Castle Club

Web Rings

a quick note, because of some stupid upgradings, her former guestbook has been destroyed. She asks that if you have ventured this site, to please sign her guestbook. Leaving your message and mark not only in this book, but in her heart as well so she knows that at least her message within this site is being spoken. She thanks you for visiting her site, and making this a worthwhile cause. Thank you Everyone.

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