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“For days now the melody and lyrics … have been ringing in my head, and will not be dislodged. The song is just one of the many pleasures of your compilation CD.”

— Herbert Kretzmer, lyricist of Les Miserables.

“Very impressive.”

— Richard Maltby Jr., lyricist of Miss Saigon, Starting Here, Starting Now and Closer Than Ever.

"As a composer, you show enormous promise-- you have a wonderful gift for melody, great musicality, a good sense of how to use a chorus to make a song interesting; in short, I feel you have the potential for a real career as a theatre composer. Lucky you -- such talents are rarer than you know."

-- Stephen Schwartz, composer of Godspell, The Baker's Wife, Prince of Egypt and Wicked.

"You write exceptionally well -- the music is attractive and your lyrics are good -- and thank heaven for really accurate rhymes and excellent structure."

-- Dillie Keane, Fascinating Aida.

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