James Grant Taylor, William Thomson/Thompson, William Timms, Robert Le Poer Trench, George Richard Tuckett, John William Turner
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Australian Pioneer Families

Families featured on this page
James Grant Taylor, William Thomson/Thompson, William Timms,
Robert Le Poer Trench, George Richard Tuckett, John William Turner,


James Grant Taylor was born 1820 at Aye, Ayreshire UK and died 1904 at Frankston, Victoria, Australia aged 84, the son of Sarah Grant and James Taylor. He married 22 Feb 1858 in Victoria, to Sophia le Poer Trench 1840 - 1928
Their children were born at Ararat
8 Children 1. Frances Mary Le Poer Taylor 1859 #8640 wed 1893 to Harry Ross Oldham, twins 1893 in Mildura
2. Robert Le Poer Taylor 1860 #20744
3. Sophie May Le Poer Taylor 1862 #18583 - 1899, did not marry
4. James Grant Taylor 1864 #6279 wed 1908 to Alice May Besse at Ararat
5. Charles Grant Taylor 1865 #19772
6. Edith Le Poer Taylor 1868 #8797 (mother as Le Poer Sophia)
7. Alfred Power Le Poer Taylor 1870 #21036 wed 1916 to Emily Gregg, no children in Vic records
8. Arthur Le Poer Taylor 1873 #27191 (mother as Le Poer French Sophia)
5. Charles Grant Taylor 1865 - 1936, born at Ararat and died at Hawthorn aged 71, wed 1893 to Evelyn Mary Bendall 1871 - 1953
8 Children 1. Charles Grant Taylor 31 Dec 1893 at Broadmeadows
2. Eileen May Taylor 1895 - 17 Dec 1896
3. Arthur Robert Taylor 1899
4. James Grant Taylor 1899
5. Evelyn Mary Taylor 1902 lived 2 days
6. Mabel Edith Taylor 1905
7. Ruby Olive Taylor 1908
8. Sylvia Evelyn Taylor 1913
1. Charles Grant Taylor 31 Dec 1893 - 22 May 1981, wed 1920 to Constance Lilian Gamble

WWI Service

Charles Grant Taylor enlisted on 15 July 1915. He embarked on Ulysses 27 Oct 1915 as No 2809, 6th Reinforcements, 22nd Infantry Battalion and landed in Egypt.
He was transferred to the newly formed 57th Battalion which travelled to France, where he served as a Private. He was wounded in action and suffered from Trench Feet (a very common problem caused by damp). He returned to Australia on the 'Runic', 23 Sep 1918.

From: Tim Terry (my email bounced back 10 Dec 2004)
Subject: Family tree confusion! on Fri, 27 Jun 2003

Hi Elizabeth

I came across your webpage while researching my family tree and just wanted to check some details.

My Grandmother (Paternal) was Edith Le Poer Taylor. She was the daughter of James Grant Taylor and Sophie Le Poer TRENCH. (I think anyway)
Edith was born in Daylesford Vic in 1868.

I noticed that she isn’t on your list of children for your James Grant Taylor and Sophia Le Poer Trench.

Edith’s great grandfather was Robert Le Poer Trench who lived in Ballarat for many years before he died in 1895. He was a QC and County Court judge as well as having been the Attorney General for Victoria twice in 1875 and 1877. Robert arrived in Victoria in 1853 “after having spent several years travelling the world…” whereafter he took up the position of Clerk of Petty Sessions in Kilmore and later the Clerk of Courts, Ballarat. I don’t know what my Robert Le Poer Trench’s wife's name was but he did have 3 daughters and 2 sons

The James Grant TAYLOR I am looking for was a retired Police Magistrate at the time of Edith Le Poer Taylor’s marriage to Albert Augustus TERRY in 1898 and he was living in Camberwell Vic at the time.
Perhaps the James Grant TAYLOR born 1864 is the one I am looking for (son of the first James Grant on your webpage).

Can you make sense of this or verify that these are not connected anywhere – or is this a huge coincidence of names? I’m confused and as there is some bits missing in my information I may well be barking completely up the wrong tree. I don’t have enough information to sort it out. If there is no relation to your lot then that will help clear up things.

Hope you have more factual information than me! Thank you in anticipation, Elizabeth.


Tim Terry

Answer - I found 2 more children!, your Edith and her youngest brother Arthur. Thanks


William Thomson/Thompson came c1853 to Victoria with children and Margaret Paterson, and lived at Portland
2 children 1. Samuel 1846 - 1855 #4952 died aged 9
2. Samuel 1855 #8180
2. Samuel Thomson 1855 #8180 wed 1885 #3974 to Mary Terrill 1857 #2945 born at Bridgewater
8 children 1. Margt Patterson Thomson 1880 #10860
2. William Thomson 1881 #18528
3. Mary Rose Thomson 1883 #4601
4. Samuel Thomson 1884 #19430
5. Martha Elizabeth Thomson 1886 #5224
6. Lindsay Thomson 1887 #30902
7. Unknown child c1890
8. Edith Isabella Thomson 1892
8. Edith Isabella Dusting nee Thomson 1892 wed 1919 #7954 to Wilfred Hy Addison 1890 #1912 - 1960 #6087 aged 70. Edith Isabella Dusting appears to be Edith Isabella Addison 1892 - 1932 #10218 aged 40 daughter of Mary Terrill and Samuel Thomson died at Portland


William Timms 1811 - 1858 #1804 aged 47 born in York, wed 1841 #550 at Presbyterian Church Melbourne & Geelong number 1118, to Cecilia Anderson 1818 - 1865 #6631 aged 47, daughter of Cecilia and Alexander Anderson born in Fife, lived in Geelong from 1842, children are baptised at the Geelong Presbyterian church
6 children 1. John Timms 1842 #699 - 1887 #11502 aged 45
2. William Fowler Timms 1843 #970
3. Harry Alexander Timms 845 #7848
4. Anne Cecilia Timms 1847 #8280 died as infant
5. Robert Oliphant Timms c1850
6. Flora Timms 1852 #11937
7. James Shaw Timms 1857 #2565 lived 3 weeks
2. William Fowler Timms 1843 #970 wed c1867 to Helen Anderson and moved to Ondit
5 children 1. William Fowler Timms 1868 #23465 - 1928 #2715 aged 47 (should be 60)
2. Harry Ollifant Timms 1870 #8793
3. Ethelberta Timms 1876 #18060
4. Harold Timms 1880 #4140 - 1889 #2308 lived 9 years
5. Owen Stanley Timms 1881 #25206
5. Robert Oliphant Timms 1847 - 1915 #9520 aged 68, wed 1876 #708 to Margaret Mickle Lyall 1854 #315 and lived at Ondit
6 children 1. Colin Lyall Timms 1877 #17503
2. Flora Timms 1878 #24640
3. Margaret Timms 1881 #4587
4. Annabella Lyall Timms 1882 #18074
5. Robert Oliphant Timms 1884 #16101
6. George Lewis Timms 1886 #5189


A namesake TRENCH - Colonel Sir Robert Le Poer Trench - 74th Foot
Memorial at St. Mary's church, Cheltenham - "In memory of Colonel the Hon. Sir Robert Le Poer Trench, KCB, KTS, and Lieutenant-Colonel 74th Regiment. This memorial has been erected by his brother, Richard, the Earl of Clancarty, GCB. He was born July 28th 1782 and died March 14th 1823, of the 40 years of life 23 were devoted to the military profession. He commanded the 74th Regt. in the Peninsular War during 5 years and 8 general engagements, in 1818 he accompanied his regiment to New Brunswick, in North America where the severity of the climate acting on his constitution impaired by previous hardship obliged him to return to England in 1821 where he closed his active and useful life."

This section has been corrected 4 Feb 2008 by , who is doing post-graduate study Anglo-Irish Lawyers in Ballarat and identifies Henry Cuthbert, Joseph H Dunne, Townsend MacDermott, R.L.Poer Trench and Robert Walsh as important members of the Ballarat community, with 'impeccable social pedigrees from their Irish homeland'.

Richard Le Poer Trench, second earl of Clancarty may be a relative.

Robert Le Poer Trench died aged 1895 aged 82, giving a birth year about 1813, matching the comment he was 27 when Sophia was born in 1841
From his death certificate, Robert Le Poer Trench is identified as the son of Frances Dorothea and Charles Le Poer Trench, clergyman, and was born in Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland. He died 7 February 1895 aged 82, at Creswick Road, City of Ballarat, County of Grenville
Robert Le Poer Trench wed about 1840 to Mary Sadlier/Sadleir and their two children were born at Douglas, Island of Man. Daughter Sophie was born 1841 when Robert was 27.
Mary and the second child may have died in UK, Mary in Kent Dec quarter 1842, and Robert Poer Trench died March quarter 1845 at Liverpool.
Recorded as Robert French 41 and Sophia French 12 on the Albatross, which sailed from Liverpool to arrive at Port Phillip April 1853
Sophia Le Poer Trench was aged 17 when she wed Charles Grant Taylor and the marriage was registered 1858 #36

Robert Le Poer Trench set up house with Mater/Meta Breiner.
From Di, a marriage notice (inserted on behalf of Le Poer Trench/Taylor) appeared in Ballarat Star, Tuesday 23 February 1858, p.2, advising that the ceremony had taken place on ‘Monday, 22nd instant’. No church record found.
4 children, I assume Robert, Frances, Dorothea and Harriet were Christened with the names 'Le Poer Trench' in 1868 at Ballarat

Clive Trench, a descendant who lives in Bundoora told me Meta is buried at St Kilda Cemetery in the same grave as Robert Lec Poer Trenh and their daughters Fanny [ Frances ] and Dorothea. Di Campbell has since checked this info, and he's correct.

5 Children
of Meta
1. Robert Breuner 25 April 1860 #7884 at Ballarat. Mother: Meta BREUNER. Unnamed Father. Christened Robert Le Poer Trench 1868
2. Frances Mary Breuner registered 1862 #319, B 18 July 1861 D 1876 died aged 14 Vic when her parents were recorded as Robert Le Po Trench and Mother is Breiner Mater.
3. Dorothea Brehner at Ballarat M 1897 WA to Michael Francis Cavanagh; D 1937 Brighton, Vict aged 72 yrs; Mother: Meter [sic] Brehner. Unnamed father.
4. Harriet Brehner 1865 #20132 B. 1865 Ballarat M 1897 WA Sp: Henry Wilson Rockett. Mother: Meta Brehner. Unnamed Father.
5. Henry Breiner 1867 #19764 B 1867 at Ballarat. Mother: Meter [sic] Breiner, Unnamed Father. (BDM Victoria Birth Cert Reg.no. 19764.)

Another cousin in Victoria

According to Burke's Peerage Charles Le Poer Trench was the eldest son of Major-General Henry Luke Le Poer Trench, (one of Robert’s[1] legitimate brothers) and Clara née Nugent. Charles Le Poer Trench, born in India, eldest son of Gen. Henry Luke Le Poer Trench, nephew of Robert Le Poer Trench wed 1887 #295 to Eugenie Elizabeth Millin (Henry may be husband of Elizabeth Anne Caroline Sandes wed 1838 Of Ballybrittas, Lea, Laoighis, Ireland. IGI submitted entry) Issue: 1 son (Nugent Charles Le Poer Trench b. 1887 - he attended Ballarat College) 1 dau. (Nettie Eugenie Le Poer Trench b. 1890).

Sophia Le Poer Trench 1840 born at Douglas, Island of Man, married 22 Feb 1858 to James Grant Taylor, her children were born in Ararat, and she died at Brunswick 1928 aged 88.
Her son Charles Grant Taylor married 1893 to Evelyn Mary Bendall
Her grandson Charles Grant Taylor married 1920 to Constance Lilian Gamble

Sophia's Step siblings

2. Dorothy Lepour Trench wed 1897 in WA to Michael Francis Cavanagh
3. Harriet Lepoer Trench wed 1897 in WA to Henry Wilson Rockett
Thanks to Sandra for providing the details

Dorothy married Michael Francis Cavanagh 1897 Perth Reg No 991. He died2 9.05.1941 Perth and is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery Catholic JC351 aged 82 (assuming this is the right man). No burial for Dorothy.

Harriet married Henry Wilson Rocket 1897 Perth Reg No 1024. She died 15.04. 1916 at West Perth aged 51. She is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery Anglican FA0412. He died 18.11.1930 aged 64 at Claremont and is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery Catholic GA0512.

1. Robert Breuner Trench B: 25 April 1860 at Ballarat. Mother: Meta BREUNER. Unnamed Father.
He appears to be son of Robert Trench,
Robert Le P Trench and Maria registered births 1884 at Canterbury, 1886-1888 at Albury then at Orange, all NSW. Can not find Maria's maiden name.
7 Children 1. Meta Le Poer Trench, born around 1882/3 in Croydon, Sydney, NSW
2. Robert Le Poer Trench 5626/1884 at Canterbury
3. Harriet L Trench 13216/1886 at Albury
4. Maria L Trench 13804/1888
5. Ethel L Trench 10652/1889
6. Eileen Le P Trench 25270/1894 at Orange
7. Charles F L Trench 24303/1896

Found at Genforum, Posted by: Di Campbell Date: February 16, 2002
Seeking info about Sophia LE POER TRENCH b. Douglas, Isle of Man 1841 and her brother Robert who would most likely have been born within a year of two of Sophia. They were the only children of Robert LE POER TRENCH, barrister, b. 1813 in Galway, Ireland and Mary nee SADLEIR(Sadler) who were married in London in 1840.
Father and daughter arrived at Sandhurst (Melb)Australia on board the 'Albatross' in April 1853 from England. They were not accompanied by Mary (wife) or Robert (son) who is believed to have died as a child. Sophia (aged 17) m. 22 Feb 1858 at Ballarat to James Grant TAYLOR (aged 38) J.P., "Warden of Goldfields" at Ararat. Sophia's father Robert Le Poer Trench commenced a second family 2xsons & 3xdau with Mater BREINER (BREUNER OR BREHNER) at Ballarat, Victoria in 1860. He was apptd a County Court Judge, Attorney-General x 2, Q.C. and died Ballarat 1895.
Particularly interested in any info re Mary Le Poer Trench, nee Sadleir (Sadler).
Reply by: Terry Hunter Jr. (ID *****7677) Date: June 06, 2002
The Sadlier family goes all the way back to a Sir. Ralph Sadlier who was a knight. If you will e-mail me than, I have all their information in the Trench Books.
Trench St Ballarat was named after Robert le Poer Trench who owned the land between Trench. Street and Holmes Street to the south.


George Richard Tuckett came c1854 with Mary Reid and lived at Maryborough, BetBet, Dunolly
14 Children 1. Henrietta Tuckett 1854 - 1854 #4634 lived 7 weeks
2. George Richard Tuckett 1856 #2364
3. Thomas Tuckett 1857 #12505
4. Hobart Tuckett 1858 #14480 - 1858 #7094 lived 13 days
5. Olivia Tuckett 1860 #16681
6. Josephine Tuckett 1862 #3339
7. Helena Tuckett 1864 #3477
8. Charles Tuckett 1866 #3235
9. Ambrose Tuckett 1869 #8238
10. John Tuckett 1872 #22801
11. Frank Tuckett 1875 #1862
12. Emily Tuckett 1876 #22502
13. Ellen Tuckett 1878 #2096
3. Thomas Tuckett 1857 #12505 wed 1885 #2091 to Alice Fleming 1863 #1761 and lived at Barwon
2 Children 1. George Richard Tuckett 1885 #23279
2. Augustus Thursey Tuckett 1887 #25975
5. Olivia Tuckett 1860 #16681 wed 1885 #5696 to George Teale


Marriages Mar 1855 - John William Turner and Ann Oldfield at Macclesfield Vol 8a page 172. The district Macclesfield is in the county of Cheshire

The Medway came Dec 1856 with Assisted British Immigrants William Turner 24, Ann Turner 17 and infant

John William Turner came c1855 with Ann Oldfield and lived at Kildare, Modewarra then Ballarat

8 Children 1. John William Turner 1856 #1885
2. Mary Elizabeth Turner 1858 #2668
3. Anne Turner 1861 #8358
4. Charles Aaron Turner 1864 #8692
5. Edith Emma Turner 1866 - 1867 #290 lived 8 months
6. Emma Jane Turner 1868 #13806
7. Thomas James Turner 1871 #296 - 1888 #4877 aged 17 years
8. Albert Henry Turner 1874 #13531
9. Ann Turner 1877 #338
John William Turner 1856 #1885 wed 1885 #875 to Margaret Jane Swan
3. Anne Turner 1861 #8358 wed 1883 #18 to Alfred Jackson from Cheshire

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