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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Annie Maria Everett wed 1899 to Albert Thomas
Eliza Everett wed 1879 to Albert Henry Russell
Elizabeth Everett wed 1871 to Charles Edward Woodroffe
Elizabeth Everett wed 1881 to Thomas Fred Cornell
George Alfred Everett wed 1900 to Ethel Maude Arnold
Henry James Everett wed 1899 to Elizth Howell
Isaac Everett wed 1868 to Henrietta Palmer
Isaac Everett wed 1899 to Selina Carr
James Everett wed 1864 to Eliza Ball
John Everett wed 1864 to Mary Jane Manning
John Everett wed 1875 to Mary Challis
John Frederick Wm Everett wed 1906 to Flor Hilda Amelia Ward
Louisa Everett wed 1884 to Isaac Northfield
Maria Everett came c1859 with James King
Mary Everett wed 1857 to John Wright
Mary Everett wed c1856 to William Bath
Robert Everett came 1854 on the Agra with Elizabeth Unknown
Rosa Everett wed 1894 to Alex Bowes Mckerral
Susan Everett wed 1862 to Henry Reynolds
Susan Everett wed 1868 to George Nygren Spence
Susan Everett wed 1893 to Charles Herbert Peel
Thomas Everett wed 1911 to Mabel Frances Hardisty
William Everett wed 1862 to Emily North
Georgina Everist wed 1888 to Charles Yeo
Sarah Ann Everitt wed 1864 to George James Neille
Elizabeth Every wed 1885 to Samuel Rayson
Harriet Every wed 1885 to William Sharp
John Every wed 1853 to Elizabeth Hasler
Elizabeth Ewangs wed 1854 to William Pentland
Alice Hannah Ewart wed 1875 to Alfred Aston
George Ewart came 1852 on the Blanche with Margery Neish
George Robt Ewart wed 1884 to Elizabeth Jane Pender
Isabella Ewart wed 1881 to John Love
Wilhelmina Ewart wed 1880 to George Blaikie
Eliza Ewin wed 1872 to Benjamin Walter Pittock
Catherine Ewing wed 1874 to Robert Mitchell
John Exell came c1870 with Ellen Salmon (Helen Solomon
Robert Chas Exell wed 1908 to Clara Kellett
Abraham Exon wed 1872 to Marian Leggett
Annie Cath Exon wed 1904 to William Thomas Crago
Bertha Helena Exon wed 1905 to Arthur Ernest Sweatman
Edward Eson / Exon came c1861 with Annie Woodford
Edward Philip Exon wed 1884 to Isabella Scales
Elizabeth Exon wed 1894 to Henry Fishburn
Elizabeth Exon wed 1907 to John Elam Brudenell
John Exon wed 1876 to Margaret Daglish
Martha Christina Exon wed 1907 to Arthur James Simmonds
Mary Ann Exon wed 1862 to Philip Seeber
Robert Exon wed 1881 to Mary Catherine Tatam
Robt Exon wed 1904 to Kate May Willoughby
Eliza Stewart Eyles wed c1868 to Henry Coles Evans
Agnes Eynon wed 1886 to John Sincock
Catherine Roehenar (Rowena) Eynon wed 1907 to Sydney Robert William Moysey
Cecilia Eynon wed 1888 to William Thomas Evans
Elizabeth Ann Eynon wed 1886 to John Ernest Bennetts
Ellen Marjorie Eynon wed 1902 to Hugh Crothers
Evan John Eynon wed 1898 to Rosanna Anderson
Lydia Sarah Eynon wed 1881 to William Wilson
Mary Ann Eynon wed 1885 to William Cowie
Miriam Eynon wed 1889 to William Sedgwick
Rachel Eveline Eynon wed 1892 to Charles John Harper
Ruth Jane Eynon wed 1896 to Richard Henry Trembath
Thomas Eynon wed 1858 to Lydia Richards
William Eynon wed 1879 in Victoria to Mary Jane Griffith
Anne Louisa Eyre wed 1879 to Alexander Galvin
Augustine Lewis Eyre wed 1870 to Anne Maria Austin
Charles Vincent Eyre wed 1910 to Mabel Isobel Thompson
Edward Bowyer Eyre wed 1904 to Ann Elizabeth Hillman
Ewan Eyre came c1856 with Ann Green
Ewan Eyre wed 1874 to Sarah Agnes Oakley
Fitzwillen Eyre came 1867 on the True Briton with Mary Eyre
Flor Bowyer Eyre wed 1887 to Joseph Pritchard
Flor Bowyer Eyre wed 1897 to Albert George Gorsuch
Mary Eyre came 1867 on the True Briton with Fitzwillen Eyre
Richard Eyre wed 1879 to Florence Trinnick

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