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Family History
The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Amelia Facey wed 1892 to Robt Adams
Annie Facey wed 1887 to Frederick William Merifield
Francis Robert Facey wed 1861 to Ann Duffy/Duffey
Mary Fagan wed 1869 to George Hillman
Benjamin James Fairbank wed 1879 to Anna Maria Walkerden
Frederick Fairchild wed 1860 to Mary O'Brien
Mary Matilda Fairchild wed 1882 to William Alexander Brine
Nellie/Ellen Fairfax wed c1880 to Mark Thomas Jiggins
Annie Louise Fairhall wed 1896 to Arthur Edwin Sinclair
Ellen Naomi Fairhall wed 1899 to Richard Arthur Green
John Fairhall wed 1859 to Ellen Maria Upham
John Alfred Fairhall wed 1898 to Violet Bassett
William Fairhall wed 1851 at St Peter's Church Melbourne to Susannah Trotman
Amelia Fairhurst wed 1876 to Robert Hillard
Alfred Robert Fairish wed 1909 to Emma Eliza Lovekin
John Fairish wed 1877 to Isabella Main nee Wood
Dorothea Ann Fairless wed 1888 to Henry Mckay Wilson
John Bate Fairless wed 1885 to Agnes Ralston
William Fairless wed c1856 to Mary Ann Martin
Maria Fairman wed 1876 to Edward Oliver Flood
Priscilla Ann Fairservice wed 1857 to Lindsay James Austin
Emma Rand Fairthorne wed 1894 to Clarence Edwin Lamb
May Fairthorne wed 1906 to Percival James Bazeley
Rose May Celest Fairthorne wed 1890 to Alfred Vaughan Lukey
Harriet Fairweather wed 1853 to Thomas Aldous
Ann Faithfull wed 1866 to David Mansfield
Frederick Alfred Falcke wed 1900 to Edith Mary Gooding
Isabella Adelaide Falcke wed 1888 to Patrick Parsons Percius Persse
James Barnet Falcke wed 1876 to Isabella Adelaide Knight
Louisa Ellen Falcke wed 1910 to Stephen Joseph Radovick
David Hy Falconer wed 1892 to Elizabeth Angus
James Falconer came 1855 on the Oithona with Eliza Mitchell
William Falkingham wed 1874 to Amelia Casley Brewer
Catherine Fallon wed 1902 to William Leonard Sharman
Ethel Victoria Fallon wed 1910 to Cecil Alf Stewart Sharman
James Fallon wed 1874 to Elizabeth Ann Kilfoyle
William Fallon wed 1863 to Catherine Mahon
Domenico Fanchi wed 1870 to Elizabeth Catherine Alice Buckle
Johanna Fanning came c1858 with Philip Cummins
Daniel Thomas Faragher wed 1887 to Mary Davis Whalebone
Elizabeth Wragg nee Farelle wed 1888 to Thomas Cummins
John James Fargher wed 1888 to Eliza Ainger
Mary Ann Fairbairn/Faribarne wed 1856 to George Healey Riley
Annie Jane (Jane Anne) Farish wed 1872 to Cornelius Vince
Annie Vince nee Farish wed 1899 to Wm Alfd Maitrin/ Marlein
Peter McNally Farish wed 1881 to Louisa Waters
Charles Farmer came 1853 on the Confidiance with Sarah Smith
Charles Farmer wed 1888 to Margaret Mary Brisbane Silke
John Farmer wed 1886 to Mary Elizabeth Howarth
Sarah Brown Farnham wed 1863 to James Edward Payne
John Farquharson wed 1879 to Victoria Tilley nee Leake
Mary Jane Farquharson wed 1899 to James Parish
Matilda Farr wed 1886 to William Meikle
Richard Farr wed 1863 to Catherine Walker
Florence Farrall wed 1887 to Francis Herbert Cotton Metheral
Ada Eden Farrar wed 1887 to John Caldow
Alice Elizabeth Farrar wed 1880 to Robert Scott
Charles Ward Farrar wed 1892 to Ellen Lawson
Emma Ann Farrar wed 1876 to Robert Gillett
Ethel Matda Farrar wed 1908 to Albert Brand Clayfield
George Samuel Farrar wed 1885 to Matilda Carthew Miners
George William Farrar wed 1881 to Mary Victoria Bell
John Farrar wed 1884 to Emily Dowell Burgoine
Joshua Dyson Farrar wed 1893 to Annie Pilkington
Matthew Farrar wed c1851 to Matilda Robinson
Maude Mary Farrar wed 1904 to Donald Wallace Bewsher
Sarah Farrar wed 1885 to Alfred William Greenbank Watson
Selina Farrar wed 1895 to John Thomas Wilson
Stella Matilda Farrar wed 1887 to Joseph Blacker
Thomas Matthew Farrar wed 1894 to Margt Clarice Terrier
William Farrar came c1852 with Ann Howarth
George Farrell wed 1870 to Margaret Byrne
Margaret Jane Farrell wed 1882 to Frederick Cazimir Hodgetts
Martha Farrell wed 1914 to Thomas Holmes Gooding
Mary Farrell came c1855 with John McDonald
Michael Farrell wed 1872 to Johanna Deegen
Thomas Farrell wed 1883 to Maria Trinnick
Thomas Farrell wed 1896 to Lauretta Eveline Trinnick nee Cross
Eliza Farrelle wed 1877 to Frederick Wragg
George Farrow wed 1882 to Emily Phoebe Sell
Annie Maria Faulkner wed 1881 to John Henry Stone
Frederick Faulkner wed 1873 to Eliza Howard
Frederick Howard Faulkner wed 1899 to Annie Beardsley
Harriet Maria Lay nee Faulkner wed 1886 to John Cornell
Mary Faulkner wed 1894 to John Walter Missen
Sophia Elizabeth Faulkner wed 1881 to Alfred Ernest Coldrey
Louis Faux wed 1886 to Celia (Clarice) Alice Grey
Hannah Fay wed 1876 to Frederick Collins
Frederick Fearnley wed 1868 to Eliza Garbett
Martha Fagan/Fegin Featherson wed 1853 to James Mundell Wilson
Bertha Rosalia Feigl wed 1878 to Thomas Main
Cecilia Caroline Feigl wed 1888 to Henry Baptie Hoad
Ignatius Feigl came c1859 with Elizabeth Prowse
Amelia Fell wed 1864 to Thomas Robert Pearce
Harriet Fell wed 1861 to Alfred Grimwood
William Feltham wed 1877 to Elizabeth Pulham
Joseph Fenner wed 1842 at Hobart to Mary Mcdonald
Joseph Thomas Fenner wed 1878 to Sarah Rowland
Josiah Fenner wed 1872 to Cecelia Ann Birchall
William George Fenner wed 1873 to Anna Fleckney
Emily Margaret Fennessy wed 1913 to Joseph Leonard Grimwood
Patrick Fennessy came c1862 with Catherine Sullivan

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