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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Catherine Ellen Fletcher wed 1886 to Robert Edward Robinson
Edward Fletcher wed 1873 to Elizabeth Hillard
Elizabeth Fletcher came c1861 with Joseph Dowey
Emily Henrietta Fletcher wed 1874 to Alexander Dobinson
Frederick William Fletcher wed 1866 to Catherine Ryan
Hannah Sarah Fletcher came c1896 with John Samuel Hughes
James Frederick Fletcher wed c1903 to Elizabeth Ann Degraaff
Jemima Fletcher wed 1862 to William Woodmason
Jessie Fletcher came 1842 on the Robert Benn with Robert Gall
Martha Lydia Fletcher wed 1873 to Judson Dobinson
Mary Ann Fletcher came c1865 with Thomas Needham Mercer
Richard Fletcher wed 1885 to Rosetta Mary Giggins
Thomas William Fletcher wed 1869 to Margaret Jane Black
Timothy Fletcher wed 1895 to Mary Ann Greene
Wm Thos Fletcher wed 1901 to Mabel Costin
Ann Irvine Flett wed 1858 to James Kirkness
Annabella Flett wed 1872 to Alexander Bell
David Flett came 1853 on the Tantivy with Jane Spense Wood
David Flett wed 1876 to Martha Anne Matthews
Eliza Flett wed 1867 to Hugh Adams
Eliza Flett wed 1869 to David Begg
Ellen Flett wed 1855 to William Neville
James Flett came 1852 on the Mangerton with Ann Louttit
James Flett came 1856 on the Atalanta with Isabella Paterson
James Flett wed 1858 to Lily Fraser
James Flett wed 1873 to Catherine Nutting
John Flett came 1851 on the with Mary Ann Irvine
John Flett wed 1861 to Susan Harriet Calver
John Flett wed 1861 to Margaret Winchester
John Flett wed 1865 to Jessie Isbister
Margaret Flett wed 1861 to Peter Moss
Margaret Flett wed 1864 to Joseph Garson
Mary Ann Scott Flett wed 1854 to George Habbijham/Hornby
Peter Flett came 1852 on the John Davies with Ann Trail Watt Peace
Peter Flett wed 1870 to Elizabeth Young
Robina Flett wed 1871 to Herman Robert Theo Boortz
Thomas Flett wed 1880 to Mary Jane Kelso
Charles Flight wed 1884 to Anna Helena Knoblock
Edwin Albert Flight wed 1890 to Rose Horsfall
Ellen Charlotte Flight wed 1889 to George Tait
Emily Susan Flight wed 1881 to Moses Blackburn
Geo Robert Flight wed 1876 to Emma Watts
Geo Robert Flight wed 1887 to Mary Jane James
James Charles Flight wed 1906 to Annie Nicholson Eaglesim
Oscar George Charles Flight wed 1901 to Sara Jane Hebbard
Rachel Flight wed 1873 to Robert Moffat
Thos Nicholls Flight wed 1896 to Emilie Amelia Thomas
William Powell Flight came c1856 with Ellen Mary AnnRobertson
Wm Jno Flight wed 1865 to Jessie Ralton
James Manton Flinn came c1847 with Mary Maly/OMalley
Mary Doretta Flinn wed 1883 to Isaac Strachan Scott
Thomas Flintoff wed 1859 to Margaret Boyd
Thomasina Adeline Flintoff wed 1900 to Ernest Albert Knell
Edward Oliver Flood wed 1876 to Maria Fairman
Hannah Flood wed 1912 to Robert Colban Unwin
Fanny Bremelon Florance wed 1857 to George Brydon Brandon
Sarah Jane Florence wed 1859 at Adelaide to Thomas Dyster
Laura Flower wed 1881 to James Chapman Rutherford
Mary Ann Flower came 1856 on the Euphrates with Samuel Bellingham
Sarah Flower wed 1883 to Thomas Reid Buchanan
Thomas Flower convict wed 1841 in Hobart to Louisa Dickenson
Catherine Floyde wed c1855 to convict William Fleckney
Elizth Rosetta Maria Fluent wed 1887 to William Byron Elliott
Geo Washington Fluent wed 1889 to Mary Elsie Garden
Michael Flynn wed 1878 to Elizabeth Harriette Trollop
Winnifred Fogerty came c1859 with Jeremiah Hayes
Gotardo Foletta wed 1864 to Harriet Jackson
Lilian Mary Gibson nee Felatto/ Foletta wed 1903 to Frederick Capp
Daniel Foley wed 1900 to Elizabeth Guilfoyle
Ethel Foley wed 1902 to George Thomas Wolstenholme
Sarah Foley came 1857 on John Barbour with Laughlin Byrns
Thomas Foley wed 1842 to Isabella Edmonstone
Thomas Edmonston Foley wed 1874 to Annie Cecilia Cluskey
Ann Folster wed 1893 to William Waterson
Charles Folster wed 1894 to Eliza Jane Waterson
James Jardine Folster wed 1910 to Eliz Jane Davies
Thomas Folster wed 1860 to Margaret Bain Jardine
William Folster wed 1895 to Elizth Seddon
Mary Folwell came c1850 from London with George Basan
Charlotte Foot came c1857 with William Smart
Margaret Foote wed 1886 to Thomas Black
Catherine Foran wed 1848 at Melbourne to George Lockyer
Elizabeth Forbes wed 1885 to Thomas Notman
Florence Mary Forbes wed 1896 to John Carter Luxton
Jane Forbes wed 1853 to James Salter
Sarah Forbes came c1860 with John Mcgillivray
Ann Ford came 1852 with George Ford
Clara Matilda Ford wed 1856 to William Yardley
Eliza Mary Ford wed 1886 to Thomas Henry Male
Elizabeth Ford wed 1889 to William Robbins
Frederick Ford wed 1873 to Mary Hicks
George Ford came 1852 with Ann Ford
George Ford wed 1853 to Ann Goodwin
Goodwin George Ford wed 1883 to Mary Sutherland
Herbert Ernest Ford wed 1920 to Annie Challis
James Ford wed 1859 to Mary Murphy
Lilian May Ford wed 1910 to Harold Chesterfield
Margaret Ford wed 1884 to Frederick Henry Nott
Michael Ford wed 1857 to Isabella McIsaac
Robert Ford wed 1874 to Mary Haig
Samuel Ford wed 1869 to Elizabeth Vivian
Sarah Ford wed 1875 to Jonah Britnell
Selina Ford wed 1901 to William Frederick Friday
Selina Emma Ford wed 1895 to George Smith Trickey
Thomas Ford came 1852 with Sarah Dinwiddy
William Ford wed 1871 to Elizabeth Price

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