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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Thomas Grace wed 1884 to Frances Broadbent
Catherine Grace Graco wed 1878 to Jeremiah Coughlan
Francis Graco wed c1885 to Lavinia Smith
Francis Eric Graco wed 1919 to Louisa Watts
Hugh Graco wed 1895 to Alice Lacey
John Cameron Graco wed 1896 to Margaret Irons
Maria Graco wed 1889 to Malcolm MacKenzie
Mary Graco wed 1899 to Morris Leslie Gaylard
Thomas Graco wed 1855 to Mary Grace Cameron
Maria Graf wed 1858 to Michael Zimmer
Adam Dalgleish Graham wed 1878 to Jane Gulley
Arthur Richard Graham wed 1922 to Florence Mary Irene Ross
Catherine Jane Graham came 1865 on the Kent leaving deceased wife John Gamble
Cecilia Bridget Graham wed 1888 to Francis Peacock
Charles James Graham wed 1891 to Fanny Bunn
David Graham wed 1885 to Ann Campbell McDowell
Ellen Graham wed 1877 to Peter (Pierre) Queripel
Ellen Graham wed 1891 to William J Gray
Frederick William Graham wed 1885 to Barbara Lewis
George Dalgleish Graham wed 1892 to Eleanor Owen
Hannah Snow nee Graham wed 1866 to John Edwards
John Graham came c1859 with Helen Marr
John Cream / Graham joined c1834 to Lydia Hart
Margaret Graham wed 1877 to Edward Thomas Kewley
Margaret Irwin Graham wed 1858 to James McClintock
Margaret Jane Graham came to Tasmania in 1834 with William Brown
Mary Graham wed 1886 to Walter John Miller
Mary Ann Graham wed 1874 to Joseph Whiteside
Mary Ann Graham wed 1887 to James Christian Metelmann
Mary Jane Graham wed 1901 to John McCamish
Richard Graham wed 1887 to Elizabeth Owen
Richard Graham wed 1890 to Mary Ann Arnold
Robt Graham wed 1896 to Mary Scott Hodge
Rosemary Helen Graham wed c1910 to Allen Brownbill
Sarah Graham wed 1852 to William Parkinson
Sarah Elizabeth Graham wed 1874 to Jean (John) Manger Queripel
William Graham came 1853 on the Bankers Daughter with Helen Brunton nee Dalgleish
William Graham wed 1861 to Margaret Nickle nee Conlan
William Graham wed 1868 to Mary Ladgrove
William Graham wed 1891 to Tamar Hamilton
William Arnold Graham wed 1920 to Hilda Annie Talbot
William Walter Graham came c1855 with Elizabeth Gower
Hannah Graham wed 1858 to George Snow
John William Grainger wed 1885 to Sophia Jane Elford
Lillie Blanche Granger wed 1900 to George Vawdon
Thomas John Granger wed 1866 to Esther Burgess
Charles Grant wed 1861 to Grace Down
Charlotte Grant wed 1867 to James Hagger
Donald Grant came c1876 with Mary Campbell
Ellen Stewart Grant wed 1887 to Henry Kenyon
George Grant came c1856 with Margaret Groat
George Grant wed 1871 to Mary Jane Davis
George Donald Grant wed 1887 to Janet Ann Powles
Isabella Grant wed at Melbourne 1839 in NSW records to William Harrisom
James Grant wed 1859 to Margaret Durran
James Mckenzie Mcivon Grant wed 1876 to Mary Jane Gephart
Janet Grant came c1854 with Alexander McKenzie
Jessie Grant wed 1911 to Donald Wright
Johanna Grant came c1850 with Angus McDonald
John Grant came c1857 with Jane Murray
John Groat Grant wed 1883 to Hannah Jessup
John Robert Grant wed 1901 to Christina Dorette Nolte
Lillian Maud Grant wed 1907 to Christian Nolte
Margaret Grant came 1852 and was joined 1854 via the Mississippi by Lewis Wiseman
Margaret Grant came c1854 with Alexander Murray
Marian Elizabeth Grant wed 1877 to James Martin Howlett
Mary Jane Grant wed 1888 to John Zephaniah Elmer
May Grant wed 1871 to Charles Ball
Norman Charles Grant wed 1913 to Rosa Rava
Robert Grant came c1868 with Hannah Mitchell
Robert Grant wed 1885 to Alice O'Brien-OBorne nee Spokes
Robert Francis Grant wed 1880 to Catherine Lawler
Samuel Grant wed 1876 to Susan Stearman
Samuel James Grant wed 1881 to Ann Hillard
William Fraser Grant wed 1873 to Catherine Jane Marden
Kate Grattan wed 1868 to Thomas Oatley
Patience Stratton nee Gratton wed 1868 to William McNamara
Charles Graveley wed 1868 to Kate Mealey
Charles William Hy Gravely wed 1893 to Ina Zaide Moore
Elizabeth Graves came 1865 on the Champion Of The Seas with Horace Claringbold
Agnes Gray wed 1884 to Thomas Newth
Alexander Gray wed 1871 to Henrietta Minna Louisa Charlotte Hoffmeister
Alice Mary Gray wed 1890 to John Allen
Andrew Charles Gray wed 1869 to Sarah Ann Galt nee Goding
Annie Margt Gray wed 1917 to Francis Leslie Male
Catherine Lydia Gray wed c1854 to John Waller
David Gray wed 1855 to Emma Peers Studman
Elizabeth Gray wed 1881 to Charles Rice Gillett
Emma Gray wed 1854 to William Lawn
Frank Gordon Gray wed 1885 to Lydia Waight
George Gray came c1854 with Eliza Sharp
James Gray wed 1862 to Margaret Fowler
James Thomas Gray wed 1866 to Mary Ann Morley
Janet Blair Gray wed 1890 to Jonas Robert Simpkin
Janet Rogers Gray wed 1879 to John Joseph (John Ellis) Ransom
John Gray came 1868 on the Southern Ocean with Margaret Alaine/Allen/Lann/ Lynn
John Gray wed 1868 to Susan Mollenoyux/ Molineux
John Gray wed 1881 to Maria Bethell
John Bogle Gray came 1855 on the British Trident with Elizabeth Glen
John Bogle Gray wed 1887 to Ada Elizth Howitt
John Whiteman Gray wed 1870 to Ann Atkinson
Margaret Ellen Gray wed 1879 to George Cockayne
Margeret Gray came c1856 with James McNab
Marie Gray wed 1888 to William Robertson Ashley
Mary Gray wed 1857 to Colin Gardner
Mary Field Gray wed 1863 to John William Henry Irvine
Mary Wilson Gray wed 1879 to John Matthew Gardner
Ralph Gray came 1855 on the Hastings with Elizabeth Weightman
Ralph Gray wed 1856 to Mary Donett
Ralph Huntly Gray wed 1858 to Ann McCurry
Ralph Huntly Gray wed 1871 to Annie Williams
Thomas Gray wed 1879 to Augusta Reincke
Thomas Edward Gray wed 1884 to Martha Scales/ Scates
William Gray wed 1854 to Mary Howard/Howat
William Gray wed 1876 to Christina Haig
William Henry Gray wed 1886 to Isabella Henders Gunn
William J Gray wed 1891 to Ellen Graham
William Stuart Gray wed 1882 to Sarah Jane Sloper

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