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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Agnes Harrison came 1858 to join Thomas Prescott
Alfred Harrison wed 1863 to Margaret McAllister
Cuthbert Joseph Harrison wed 1854 to Anne Delaney
Dorothy Harrison came on the Golden South in 1863 with Richard Bramley
Eleanor Isabella Harrison wed 1898 to Henry Beard
Eleanor Isabella Harrison wed 1913 to Walter George Cox
Elizabeth Harrison came 1854 on the Truro with Elias Schoberg
Elizabeth Ann Harrison came 1854 with William Burstall
Emma Melvena Harrison wed 1859 to William Meade Hearn
Ernest Harrison wed 1877 to Elizabeth Stratton
Eva Eliza Harrison wed 1901 to William Joseph Grierson
George Harrison wed 1874 to Eva Catherine Shipp
Henry Harrison wed 1886 to Emma Westhead
Hezekiah Harrison wed 1875 to Jessie Balleny Login
JamesHarrison wed c1908 Lydia Sarah (Nellie) Wilson
James Harrison wed c1856 to Jane Twigg
James Cuthbert Harrison wed 1881 to Sarah Ann Gomm nee Wigley
Lily Harrison wed 1922 to William Ernest Walkerden
Lucy Jane/Maud Harrison wed 1890 to Matthew Date
Luke William Harrison wed 1905 to Elizabeth Ann Wilson
Maria Harrison wed 1878 to Eli Barwick
Susan Harrison came c1848 with Joseph William Snow
Thomas Harrison wed 1855 to Margaret English
Thomas Hornsby Harrison wed 1878 to Sarah Margaret Biles
Walt Harrison wed 1882 to Annie Leete
Hannah Harrop wed 1883 to Wm Stratton
Alfred Harrowen/ Harroven came 1863 on the Gresham with Sarah Hunt
Alfred William Harrowven wed 1895 to Florence Victoria Burnham
Clara Maria Harrowven wed 1895 to James William Tate
Eliza Harrowven wed 1899 to Arthur Teale
Emma Harrowvin wed 1886 to William Duncan
Jesse Harry wed 1893 to Eliza Emily Odlum
Mary Elizabeth Harry wed 1882 to John Rowland Crago
Richard Harry came 1853 on the Montan with Elizabeth Mitchell
Richard Henry Harry wed 1881 to Mariann Augusta Wigham
Catherine Hart wed 1853 to Cornelius Kerrison
Dinah Hart wed 1884 to Thomas Yeo
Fanny Hart wed c1868 to James McCamish
Lydia Hart wed 1830 (both convicts) to Joseph Thomas
Mary Hart wed 1860 to John Collins
Mary Hart wed 1884 to James Samuel Gowty
Lydia Hart joined c1834 to John Cream / Graham
Easter Emily Harvey wed 1887 to John George Rawlings
Ellen Harvey wed 1863 to Charles Edwards
Emma Lydia Harvey wed 1881 to Edward Pirani
Flor Hilda Elizth Harvey wed 1920 to Roland Fredrick Verey
George Arthur Harvey wed 1881 to Elizabeth Emma Turner
George Robert HillyardHarvey wed 1868 to Emma Culverwell
Hilda Lillian Harvey wed 1905 to Herbert Capp
James Harvey came c1864 with Charlotte Ball
James Harvey wed c1862 to Eliza Letts
James Henry Harvey wed 1860 to Elizabeth Carter Morrison nee Schooling
John Harvey wed 1882 to Mary Ann Patterson
Louisa Elizabeth Harvey wed 1885 to John Geake
Marion Harvey wed 1874 to John Charles Neavor Bendall
Mary Harvey came c1856 with William Plumridge
Richard John Harvey wed 1882 to Emily Rebecca Manea Treganowan
Sarah Harvey came 1857 on the Commodore Perry with Peter Samuel Giles
Sarah Ellen Louisa Harvey wed 1888 to Thomas Graham Robinson
William Harvey wed 1853 to Sarah Elizabeth Spinner
William Harvey wed 1886 to Selina Flor Dorman
William Edward Harvey wed 1884 to Elizabeth Rose
William Thomas Harvey wed 1881 to Emily Sarah Joy
Benjamin Harwood wed 1868 to Betsy Wood
Fanny Harwood wed 1905 to Henrich Ernest Nolte
Hannah Harwood wed 1901 to Ernest Radnell
James Harwood wed 1875 to Harriet Elizabeth Pretlove
Sarah Harwood came 1853 on the Calliope with Daniel Gazzard
William Harwood wed 1901 to Maria Radnell
Ellen Hasell wed 1865 to Henry Richard Hewitt
Elizabeth Hasler wed 1853 to John Every
Alexander Haslett wed 1869 to Charlotte Julia Porter
Charles William Haslett wed 1918 to Clara Constance Bradford
Mary Ann Hasley wed 1876 to Henry Troon
Ann Hassett wed 1873 to George Richard Lewis
Catherine Mary Asset/ Hassett wed 1877 to Albert Isaac Hine
Ellen Hassett wed 1863 to Edward McIntyre
Ellen Mary Hassett wed 1912 to James Crothers
James Hassett wed 1875 to Catherine Smith
John Hassett wed 1862 to Ellen Cain/Kenny/Kelly
John Hassett wed 1863 to Eliza Minns
Julia Hassett wed 1872 to Charles Henry Wilkes
Maurice / Morris Hassett wed 1872 to Jane Robinson
Patrick Hassett came 1843 to Melbourne with Cath Gleeson
Thos Eugene Jos Hassett wed 1892 to Eliza Helen McClelland
Ann Hastings wed 1860 to Alexander Tolmie
Jno Garret Hastings wed 1891 to Catherine Igo
Margaret Hastings wed 1894 to John Thomas Treadwell
Peter Hastings wed 1856 to Bridget Sullivan

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