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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alexander Wilson Kerr wed 1884 to Annie Gunn
Annie Kerr wed 1865 at Christ Church CofE Maryborough to John Dunstan
Catherine Smith Kerr wed 1875 to Francis Armour Anderson
Crawford Kerr wed 1882 to Barbara Ferguson
Ellen Kerr wed 1865 to George Jacklin
Gavin Wilson Kerr wed 1891 to Elizth Jane Buzza
George Kerr came 1856 on the Atlanta with Harriet Day
Grace Kerr came 1853 via Adelaide with John Ferguson
Janet Kerr wed 1875 to Hugh Ferguson
John Kerr came c1855 with Jane Wilson
John Kerr came c1857 with Margaret Ferguson
John Kerr wed 1879 to Lillias Aird
Lillias Ann Kerr wed 1897 to William McAuley Stuart
Margaret Kerr wed 1874 to Frederick Austin De Groot
Martha Rowe Kerr wed 1887 to Stephen Nalder
William Kerr wed 1883 to Alice Jane Maria Olorenshaw Blabey
Isabella (Sibilla) Kerr came c1857 with William Allan
Adelaide Eliza Kerrison wed 1913 to Cyril Nelson Wayth Gudgeon
Betsy Kerrison wed 1851 to James Goodson
Caroline Kerrison wed 1836 in Tasmania to John Stevens Hancock
Charles Percy Kerrison wed 1895 to Margaret Hill
Cornelius Kerrison wed 1853 to Catherine Hart
Eliza Kerrison wed 1840 at St John's Launceston to James Suddy Taylor
George Kerrison wed 1855 to Selina Moore
George Lewis Kerrison wed 1892 to Jessie Dodd
Harriet Kerrison wed 1847 to John Morris
Henry Kerrison wed 1860 to Mary Ann Williams
Henry Albert Kerrison wed 1898 to Margaret Winzenberg nee Coss
John Kerrison wed 1847 at Adelaide South Australia to Mary Dermody
John Ernest Kerrison wed 1888 to Clementine Smith
Leonard Lempiere Kerrison wed 1901 at Swan Bay Tas to Caroline Emma/Emily Taylor
Mary Kerrison wed 1856 to Robert Scot
Mary Kerrison wed 1860 to William Brown
Mary Rose Kerrison wed 1914 to John James Blakeney
Robert Kerrison wed 1871 to Elizabeth Stonehouse
Robert Kerrison wed 1880 to Nancy Stonehouse
Solomon Kerrison wed 1868 to Martha Bartram
Solomon Kerrison wed 1888 to Georgina Eliza Hancock
Stephen Kerrison came 1835 via the Charles Kerr with Mary Goodings
Stephen Kerrison wed 1854 to Elizabeth Godfrey
Stephen Kerrison wed 1877 to Mary Jane Taylor
Stephen Francis Kerrison wed c1886 to Amelia Maumill
Ellen Kerwick /Kerwin wed 1860 at Launceston Tasmania to Charles Gabel
Edwin George Kettle wed 1863 to Eliza Ann Harris
Letitia Kettle wed 1868 to Archibald McDonald
Thomas Kettle wed 1882 to Rosa Arnold
Albt Edwd Kewley wed 1891 to Emily Cunningham
Ann Kewley wed 1849 to Willaim Birdsey
Anna Mary Kewley wed 1919 to Alfred Naylor Gill
Edward James Kewley wed 1913 to Elsie Isabella Bradford
Edward Thomas Kewley wed 1877 to Margaret Graham
Edwin Corris Kewley wed 1906 to Alice Edward
Elizabeth Kewley wed 1867 to Magnus Kirkness
Eva Kewley wed 1887 to Michael Martin
George Kewley wed 1887 to Elizabeth Oneill
George William Kewley came c1862 with Annie Greenbank
Ida Louisa Kewley wed 1888 to Thomas Henry Emerson
Jane Kewley wed 1875 to William Frederick Thurman
John Kewley wed c1850 to Jessie Beattie
Peter Avoca Kewley wed 1880 to Alice Glenister
Thomas Kewley wed 1858 to Rebecca Brough nee Kaye
Thomas Kewley wed 1859 to Maria Noble
Thomas (Henry) Kewley wed 1868 to Alice McRickard
Thomas Arthur Kewley wed 1896 to Helen Eugenie Ansaldi
Thomas James Kewley wed 1882 to Bridget Gleeson
William Henry Kewley wed 1862 to Elizabeth Lindan
Emiline Edith Key wed 1896 to Alf Phillips
George Henry Key wed 1894 to Rose Emma Ohrt
John Key wed 1908 to Evelyn Frances Driver
Margaret Jessie Key wed 1878 to Edward Saunders Greenway
Mary Matilda Key wed 1903 to William Charles Trevascus
Rebecca Elizabeth Key wed 1888 to Henry John Salisbury
Thomas Key wed 1860 in Brighton, Tasmania to Mary Ann Cunningham
William (William Holt) Key wed 1867 to Matilda Ashman
William Walter Key wed 1895 to Alice Maud Salisbury
Wm Oliver Key wed 1860 to Mary Ann Cannon
Margaret Keys wed 1846 to William McMahen
Betsy/Elizabeth Kidd came 1854 on the Bride of the Sea with John Marks
Jessie /Janet Kidd wed 1860 to George Powles
Elizabeth Ann Kilfoyle wed 1874 to James Fallon
Emeline/Amelia Mary Kilfoyle wed 1883 to Thomas Cross
George Alfred Kilfoyle wed 1885 to Elizabeth Mcadam
George Alfred Kilfoyle wed 1888 to Mary Ann Young
Joseph Kilfoyle came c1849 with Hannah Samuels
Martha Alice Kilfoyle wed 1883 to Robert Barnes
William Mills Kilgour wed 1890 to Sarah E Dearney
John Killeen wed 1860 to Ellen Quinn
Mary Ellen Killeen wed 1894 to Humphrey James Hearn
Thomas Killeen wed 1874 to Mary Ann Elizth Le Guir Justice
Andrew Killock wed 1872 to Eliza Wiggins
Harriet Kelder/Kilner came c1858 with Richard Scholes
Agnes Kilpatrick wed 1878 to William Henry Bramley
Alexd Kilpatrick wed 1880 to Mary Harlock
Andrew Kilpatrick came 1855 on the Asia with Mary Brown
Andrew Kilpatrick wed 1872 to Christina McKenzie
Clara Kilpatrick wed 1881 to Thomas Edwin Wood
Elizabeth Kennedy Kilpatrick came c1866 with Martin Hitchings
Francis George Kilpatrick wed 1874 to Elizabeth Sophia Clissold
Mary Kilpatrick wed 1865 to James Kilroy
Mary Ann Kilpatrick came 1859 with William Brisbane

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