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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Janet Paton wed 1881 to Alexander Crockett
Laura Paton wed 1857 to William Murrell
Arthur William Patrick wed 1886 to Martha Wakeman
Joseph Patrick wed 1864 to Julia Wintle
Alfred Henry Patten wed 1901 to Euphemia Harris
Ellen Patten wed 1887 to John Diamond
Emma Amelia Patten wed 1896 to Henry Edward Griffiths
George Patten wed 1900 to MaryOdonnell
Hannah Ann Patten wed 1879 to David Beaton Cuthbert
Jane Patten wed 1840 to Robert Stonehouse
John Patten came 1857 on the Undaunted with Sarah Harding
Joseph Patten came 1857 on the Undaunted with Ellen Cox
Joseph James Patten wed 1891 to Amelia RebeccaOdonnell
Mary Ann Patten wed 1888 to Thos Twitchen Ridgway
Pat Patten wed 1897 to Ellen Ann Hinchcliffe
Sarah Patten wed 1887 to William Cuthbert
Victoria Elizabeth Patten wed 1896 to John James Willmott
William John Cox Patten wed 1880 to Mary Ann Cuthbert
Agnes Patterson wed 1896 to Joseph Thomas Peake
Eliza Patterson wed c1910 to Lewis Alexander Allen
Elizabeth Patterson wed 1856 to Joseph Kellow
Frank Patterson came c1861 with Isabella McDonald
Isabella Patterson wed 1870 to Charles Mitten
Isabella Patterson wed 1894 to Chas Cooper Willcox
James Henry Patterson wed 1901 to Emily Wood
James Howie Patterson wed 1876 to Mary Ann Akers
Jane Patterson wed 1859 to John McPherson
Janet Patterson wed 1879 to John Pollock
John Patterson came c1854 with Margery Hay
John Patterson wed 1874 to Elizabeth Brewer
John Patterson wed 1890 to Mary Alderson
John Harris Patterson wed 1862 to Susan Albin nee Bratley
Margaret Patterson wed 1859 to John Campbell
Margery Goodwin nee Patterson wed 1882 to Henry Corrie
Mary Ann Patterson wed 1882 to John Harvey
Mary Jane Patterson wed 1892 to Thomas Alderson
Robert Patterson wed 1870 to Margaret Buckley
Selina Patterson wed 1908 to Arthur Henry Moule
William Patterson came on the Queen of the East with Isabella Howie
William Patterson wed 1876 to Mary Chestnut
William Howie Patterson wed 1870 to Harriet Fowler
Agnes Sarah Pattison wed 1870 to Frake Cole Matthews
Alexander Pattison wed c1883 to Ellen Geary
Sarah Anne Pattison wed 1868 to Robert Edward Eastgate
Alexander Patton wed 1877 to Elizabeth Mary Wickham
James Patton wed 1878 to Mary Jane Davis
John Patton wed 1855 to Catherine Chisholm
Wm Wallace Patullo wed 1891 to Elizabeth Williams Trickey
Betsy Patworth wed 1869 to Daniel Beith
Elizabeth Paul came c1854 with James Newlands
Johanna Dorothea Paulke wed 1867 to Edward Lugg
Frank Richd Paull wed 1903 to Agnes Eleanor Goddard
Richard Thomas Paull wed 1873 to Sarah Savinia/Lavinia Reid
Frances Maria Pavelin wed 1860 to Charles Webb
Edward Pay wed 1889 to Cath Esther Seamer
Albert John Payne wed 1888 to Mary Loundes
Daisy Cath Payne wed 1920 to James Thomas Packham
David Payne wed 1862 to Josephine (Johannah, Josephenna) Crowe
Edith Emily Payne wed c1893 to Walter Henry Clapp
Emma Rebecca Payne wed 1885 to William Boyland
George Payne came 1853 on the Ann Milne with Jane Elizabeth Griffin
George James Payne wed 1876 to Grace Whiteside
Hannah Payne came c1864 with Alfred Lainson
Hannah Lainson nee Payne wed 1883 to Edward Coleman
James Edward Payne wed 1863 to Sarah Brown Farnham
James Edward Payne wed 1880 to Nanny Hattam Grenfell
John Payne wed 1868 to Susan Addensall
Julia Payne wed 1872 to Samuel Saven/ Savin
Margaret Jane Payne wed 1898 to Henry Addinsall
Mary Ann Payne wed 1871 to William Henry Kennard
Matilda Ann Payne wed 1888 to Frank James Ainger
Matilda Elizth Payne wed 1898 to Abel Alfred Conduit
Samuel Payne wed 1867 to Mary Laing
Thomas Milban Payne wed 1874 to Mary Fisher Gallacher/Gallagher
Walter Farnham Payne wed c1892 to Eliza Jane Ainger
Anne Jane Payne wed 1859 to Richard Latimer
Amelia Painter/Paynter came 1857 with George Corrie
Elijah Paynter wed 1891 to Sarah Ann Milgate
Jane Adelaide Paynter wed 1854 to John Edward Paynter
John Edward Paynter wed 1854 to Jane Adelaide Paynter
Margaret Paynter wed 1880 to Richard Joseph Wakeman
Mary Kitt Paynter came 1857 on the Ebba Brahe to join James Jenkyn
Ann Trail Watt Peace came 1852 on the John Davies with Peter Flett

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