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Fever was one of those special dogs that only comes along once in a life time. He was born knowing that "cute" would get him anything he wanted. He was the first dog I ever took in the show ring. I thought I'd just put him in the puppy class for experience. Well, we got lots of experience that day. He went BOB AND Group I. He was meant to go BIS, but it was a hot day and the Judge was tired. Of course, we were at the back of the line making it a long walk to give us the award. What the Judge didn't realize is that I would have been happy to pick him up and carry him to the judge. 

The next week he broke his leg in a freak accident. I was devastated. I took him to the vet school where they performed surgery to mend the break. He was in a cast for almost 3 months. His movement, although good,  was never quiet the same.

I didn't feel I could do him justice so turned him over to Wade Burns to handle. I had never met Jon Woodring before, but Wade and I had know each other for years. Jon ended up showing Fever. He finished with just one win that wasn't a BOB. Jon called home from one of shows on the January Florida circuit to tell me Fever had gone BOB from the classes. Evidently there were quite a few Specials because Jon said he didn't think he'd ever taken Breed from so far back in the line. He couldn't even see the front.

Fever was a half-brother to the famous BIS CH Great Elms Prince Charming II on the sire's side. Although Fever was an outstanding show dog his claim to fame was as a stud dog. He was very proponent. All of this get had his adorable head, sound movement, short back, and dense coat. In 1991 he won Stud Dog of The Year with the American Pomeranian Club of America. He produced 18 Champions in 3 years. I did not like to breed him to outside bitches. I wanted some control over the homes where his children went. I never had more than 5 bitches at any one time. His average was 90% show quality.

We lost Fever in Feb. of 1999 at the age of 12. He was his usual mischievous self the day before but it was obvious the next day that he was on a down hill spiral. I stayed up with him until 3 am at which time I put him in his little bed under my bed where he always slept. He died quietly in his sleep. I still had two very difficult tasks - his best friend and bodyguard (Alex - Australian Shepherd) refused to let me near him much less bury him. After three hours I finally managed to crate Alex. Fever is resting in peace in my Hosta Garden with a marble head stone and a copper Pomeranian watching over him.


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