Our Ideals on Breeding

All of our breedings are planned well in advance. This includes checking pedigrees and recognizing faults in both our dogs and those that we chose to breed to. This includes all health clearances. The only reason to ever breed a litter is to improve on the quality and attributes of the parents. If this is not possible the parent's) should never be used in a breeding program. Anyone that does less is nothing more than a puppy miller.

Not only are the dogs physical attributes taken into consideration, but the temperament as well. It has been said that a dog that does not have a good temperament is not worthy of being a good pet. Health is also a big consideration - including hips and eye clearances. All puppies will have received at least two wormings and two puppy vaccinations by the time they are placed in their new home. 

Our puppies are born in the house. Handled from birth. Exposed to household noises and activities. They are allowed to play with the other dogs in the household. All of this makes for a well adjusted puppy.

Our pet puppies are never placed before 8 weeks of age. Our show prospects are not place until at least 3 months, preferably 4 months. We want to make sure that the buyer is getting what they are paying for. Since we only breed occasionally we have the time to spend with the puppies making them well adjusted for their future life. I feel that many breeders place their puppies much to young. They need time with the mother and litter mates to learn social skills. We also feel that we are responsible for each and every puppy for it's entire life.  We expect the new owner to keep in touch with us. We are always available to help and share our experience.

We are very particular in selecting homes for our puppies. Don't be offended when we ask personal questions. It's for the well being of our babies. We want to get to know you well before trusting you with the life of one of our dear little ones. Another thing we take very seriously is matching the puppy's personality to it's new family and their life style. We will try to match you to a male or female, but we certainly don't want to place a shyer puppy with a house full of active members - or a rambunctious puppy with a sedate family. 

Anyone who thinks there is money in breeding dogs are badly mistaken. Those that do are not doing so for the welfare and betterment of the breed. 


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