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Man's Worst Enemy, His Birthrate

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[Strikes and inserts show changes made by The Des Moines Register for publication as Recreating the Garden of Eden, Saturday, March 7, 1998.]

by Ruth Weaver

If mankind is smart enough to organize people to kill one another, why isn't mankind smart enough to limit its members in the first place through birth control?

Life's most precious joy is having a child. But, sadly, many large families have always been the seeds of war, genocide, plague, famine, mass migration, ecological destruction from the galloping consumption of economic growth, and male dominance.

Any system whichthat encourages large families is guilty of contributing to the foregoing evils. If large families had not been produced in the first place, they would not have been there to suffer/wreak havoc. Life is indeed cheaper by the dozen. Large -family intrinsic dynamics of competition and dominant-/recessive behaviors telescope out into our very social fabric and national policies. How many news stories depicting violence and human misery have their roots in overpopulation?

Research and technology feverishly work to keep up by developing, e.g., medicine and ever higher -yielding crops, which only temporarily stave off pestilence and hunger. Research and technology, of course, also directly supply instruments for socially sanctioned murder, i.e., war when inevitable flash points occur brought on by shrinking space and limited resources relative to population growth. People are reduced to so many excess blobs of consuming protoplasm. [para] To cite just a few well known examples of crude population control: the Semites have been at each other's throats for millennia. Hitler trumpeted Lebensraum. Proliferating Americans of European origin decimated native American populations -- "a good Injun is a dead Injun." Hiroshima. Iraqi Kurds. And then there is abortion.

The antidote is universal voluntary birth control achieved through education. Admittedly, birth control is not the paneacea for all humanity's ills. But it does provide the stabilizing environment for lasting peace, equality, nurture, and creative fulfillment...the Garden of Eden God intended this world to be. It's all we've got. "And they shall beat their swords into plowshares...neither shall they learn war any more." Isaiah 2:4.

Who knows? Given mankind's insatiable curiosity and inventive prowess, if it weren't for our energies being diverted to feeding hungry mouths and fashioning instruments of destruction, then astronaut footprints could have been on the moon a thousand years ago. And where would we have been today?

Copyright 1998 Ruth Weaver

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