|||The possably, recently ancient and moderatly worshipful shrine to THE KNEES OF MICALLEF|||

The Knees Of Micallef

Sadly, this site is uncompleted. Please return with your knees at a moderately, maybe slightly, possibly a bit later point in time. Maybe. Whilst you are perchance waiting

AHAHA!! Aeeee!! The site, it has stuff on it now..

VENTURE FORTH: |Frameless|With Frames|

The above image is (c) Nightshade_pheonix, who is very proud indeed that she drew it. How sad.

There is a minute area of thought that could veigly suggest you visit the creator's site. The creator of this site that is. Not the divine one. His knees are too hairy. If it is a he. Which it might be. Then again it might be an it. Or, if you are as downright bonkers as we are, we all know it is actually Shaun's knee. We're not entirely sure weather it is a he or an it yet, so we are just going to completely ignore the issue until he tells us to reconsider, which, all things said and done, is very unlikely indeed.

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Not as unlikely as mother Teresa being an opera house, or Shaun's high horse becoming the extremely low horse custom built for wheelchairs if that is how an athroscapy leaves you...Which it might if you ever have one, but that is beside the point. What is on the other side of the point is a tall pot plant called Ethelburt. The point is better known as the fact that it is not you who is soon to have/have had an athroscapy but it is his knee that is to face it, let alone near your birthday. Apart from the fact that that particular point has no point at all save the ones on it's weekly darts night around the water cooler, we recommend that you place your head between your legs and learn yoga. Or you could do a semester of mosaic making. You never know your talents!

This website is a Nightshade_pheonix production, therefore all content that isn't (c) someone else is (c) me, so grubby mitts off unless you give me credit *glares at all possable coding and idea theives*

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