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Apologies for some of the artist list page links not pointing correctly. Use back button and fill name in my search box if that occurs. For any who wonder why bother with the artist lists - see my answer in Why Lists?

My name is Michael, I've got a nickel, I've got a nickel, shiny and new*... and I spend a lot of my nickels on music, which I love very much...

* What's that song, who wrote it, who sang it ? Write me (I know)

I buy a lot of my music at local stores, but for my online music purchases, I choose and I might just get a few more nickels towards my CDs if you'll just use their links from these pages. Even if you're not buying, they provide great info on music and artists.

I'm also affiliated with two specialty music vendors you ought to look at, Collectors' Choice Music and

Some of the earliest songs I recall, other than nursery rhymes, were "The Yellow Rose of Texas," and "The Ballad of Davy Crockett," - oh, yeah, and "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window."  I've come a long  way.  As with my other interests, my taste in music is quite varied. For example:

I was playing Merrie Amsterburg's CD Season of Rain, and her version of "Walking on the Moon" came on. Well, I had to follow that with Sting's original - so I grabbed The Very Best of Sting & The Police to play it, and I let it play on to "Fields of Gold". Which made me want to hear Eva Cassidy's version of that on Songbird. I listened to a few more on that including the final track, "Over the Rainbow." I bet by now you know what happened... made me want to listen to "Over the Rainbow" as done by Ian Tyson on Lost Herd (incidentally, I heard him perform that at the Kerrville Folk Music Festival). Thinking of the Festival, I pulled out a few CDs that I had recently bought by other performers I had heard there - Kimmie Rhodes' Rich From The Journey and Trout Fishing In America's Big Trouble. I do that a lot - hear something and play or want to hear "related" music.

I enjoy Latin American music, in fact, it's my favorite.

But, call me eclectic, I also enjoy poprock, country, classical  and a little new age too.

I've always enjoyed Jazz. (That page includes photos of Count Basie, Dave Brubeck, George Shearing and Stan Getz.)

I'm now scanning my original artist photography and placing it at dotPhoto; Sammy Kershaw, Toby Keith and Journey kick it off - soon I'll add Leann Womack, Chad Brock, Marcia Ball, Expose, Count Basie, Dixie Chicks and more. You can buy quality high resolution prints in various sizes direct from dotPhoto at very reasonable prices (photos you see on the Web are usually very low resolution).
Chad LeannWomack
Chad Brock Leann Womack

I grew up on rock and roll.  Yes, I like Elvis... And Buddy Holly... But even more, Jackie Wilson...  For sound quality, number of songs, and liner notes, the imports Reet Petite and Higher & Higher are tops.  For several songs not included there I bought The Jackie Wilson Story on Epic (out of print, but there are now some other great reissues.)

I like most of the Motown groups. The Beatles and the Stones.  The Beach Boys. The 4 Seasons.  Doo-Wop groups in general, many of which were one-almost-hit wonders.  BeeGees, Annette reminded me...  Doesn't matter how many I list, I'm sure to overlook some - unless I list my entire collection... *smile* - watch out - I'm seriously considering just that !  *L*

My all time favorite artist is Dion.  Female artist - I love Petula Clark.  I've also become a big fan of Kim Richey. Do you know who Ellen Foley is?  I've got three great albums of hers.  In the eighties, Rick James, Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, Hall and Oates, Queen.  Wonder who my favorite current artists are?  (keep reading *L*)    Who are yours?  E-mail me  and tell me your favorite artists and favorite types of music as well.  What CDs do you have or have you heard that you think I should add to my collection?

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New artists and music added regularly; typical selection includes Madonna, Carly Simon, Enya, Delbert McClinton, Dolly Parton, Dwight Yoakam, Paul Simon, Joe Sample, Michael Brecker, Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, Tanya Tucker and Randy Travis.

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